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How to screen mirror your Galaxy S10 to TV using Samsung Smart View app

By TheCellGuide | 7 November 2019

Screen mirroring Samsung smart TV  is one way to share contents in your phone to others. As the name implies, whatever on your phone’s screen is also shown on TV and Samsung has an app that will make the mirroring a lot easier and wireless. The app is called Samsung Smart View app but it

How to fix Samsung Galaxy S10 that keeps freezing and lagging

By Harold | 5 November 2019

When a premium device like your Samsung Galaxy S10 starts to keep on freezing and lagging, you can almost expect that it’s an issue with the firmware as such is the case with performance issues. Sometimes these issues are pretty minor that you can fix them by doing just one procedure or two but there

Galaxy S10 Camera Failed After Android 10. Here’s The Fix!

By Harold | 4 November 2019

The error message “Camera failed” that seems to be bothering some owners of the Samsung Galaxy S10 means that the camera has failed to initialize or open. It could be just an issue with app or the hardware itself. You know, the app and services as well as the hardware should sync properly that when

Fix Samsung Galaxy S10 that can’t make phone calls

By Harold | 4 November 2019

When it comes to making and receiving phone calls, signal is very important regardless whether you’re using a high-end smartphone like the Samsung Galaxy S10 or a basic phone. Some owners of said device have been complaining because they could no longer make phone calls or receive one. Based on experience, this issue could be

How to fix Samsung Galaxy S10 that started running slow

By Harold | 4 November 2019

When a high-end smartphone like the Samsung Galaxy S10 starts running slow, you can almost expect it to be a firmware issue. Performance problems are always tied to the firmware unless there’s an apparent sign that it’s caused by physical or liquid damage. These are the kinds of issues you can fix on your own.

Samsung Galaxy S10 keeps showing “No SIM card detected” error

By TheCellGuide | 3 November 2019

The error message “No SIM card detected” can be a sign that the SIM card is damaged or there’s just a minor problem with the phone. Contrary to what some of our readers suggested that it could be an issue with the signal or area, I think the problem here is not about whether your