What are iPhone 11 Features and Functions

iPhone 11 is known to be the “iPhone for all” and is among the fast-selling iPhone generation in the market. Because of its promising features, a lot of consumers would prefer to have this model than any other iPhone generation. Quality wise, iPhone 11 has met end-users satisfaction. It is available in different colors, with long lasting battery life, advanced camera system at a reasonable price. It costs roughly around $700. This is still expensive, but then way cheaper compared to other iPhone 11 range. Spending this much for a gadget can be unreasonable for some, but for those who can afford, feel free to experience the luxury iPhone 11 brings. Just make sure to take advantage of all the features iPhone 11 offers. In line with that, we have listed a few basic features of iPhone 11 and their corresponding functions.

Basic features and functions of iPhone 11

iPhone 11 is composed of various features that users can take advantage of. Let’s get to know some of these basic yet useful features and see how they work.

iMessage Feature

iMessage is Apple’s very own messaging platform that offers free messaging service to Apple enabled devices. You can send free text messages from your iPhone 11 to other iOS devices via Wi-Fi or when your phone is connected to the internet. It is easy to identify when you are sending an iMessage or not. When the color of the text message is blue, this is an iMessage. On the other hand, your text message will be in green color once you’re sending messages to non-iOS devices.

Face ID Feature

Face ID has been one of the favorites of many iOS users. Face ID is a feature that is developed by Apple that uses facial recognition and authentication. This feature allows iOS users to unlock their phone quickly and conveniently. This works by simply facing the front True Depth camera of the iPhone. Indeed, way better than the previous Touch ID which uses fingerprints to identify the iPhone user. Face ID is not only limited to unlocking your iPhone’s screen. It can also be set up for Apple Pay and other third-party apps. If you would like to start using Face ID, simply set it up though your phone’s settings menu.

Wi-Fi Feature

Wi-Fi is a known wireless networking technology that allows devices to share or connect to the internet through radio waves or frequencies. Most of us mistakenly known Wi-Fi as Wireless Fidelity, but it is actually a wireless protocol that means IEEE 802.11x. And this has been among the most used features on iOS devices. Just like any other iOS devices, your iPhone 11 is a Wi-Fi enabled device which has the ability to connect and acquire internet connection from the wireless network available. All you need to do is enable your phone’s Wi-Fi feature and connect to the network within range.

Bluetooth Feature

Bluetooth is a type of communication process that allows connected or paired devices to transfer and receive important data within a short-range. This process though won’t be made possible without having both devices Bluetooth features enabled. Know for a fact that your device won’t be discoverable by other Bluetooth-enabled devices if the Bluetooth feature is off, or vice versa. If you would like to connect your iPhone 11 to Bluetooth enabled devices such as wireless earpiece, speakers, keyboard, etc, you just need to enable your phone’s Bluetooth feature through the settings menu or via Control Center.

Location Services

The function of the Location Services on iOS devices is to safeguard users information and allow them to decide which information to share. This feature also let third-party apps to collect information and use them to provide location-based facilities depending on the phone’s current location. But third-party apps or websites can only obtain your location information if the Location Services feature on your iPhone 11 device is enabled. But there’s an exemption to that for emergency calls wherein our location data will still be tracked even without having the Location Services enabled.

These are just a few of the many features iPhone 11 offers. If you wish to know how to manage or enable these features on your iOS device, just click each of the feature’s name listed above so you’ll be routed to the “how to’s” article for the selected features.

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