Two ways to take a screenshot on your Apple iPhone XS Max

Taking a screenshot in an Apple iPhone XS Max could be a bit more complicated compared to when you’re using iPhone 8 and lower models due to lack of a home button. But that doesn’t mean it’s difficult to do. It’s still pretty easy to capture a screen using your new iPhone XS Max, all you need is a little bit of familiarization and that’s the purpose of this post.

I will show you a couple of methods to take a screenshot using your iPhone in this article. But if you found this post while trying to find a solution to a different problem, then you should visit our iPhone XS Max Help Guides for we have already addressed some of the most common problems with this device. We may have already published articles that could help you with your problem.

Taking screenshots on iPhone XS Max using Side and Volume buttons

This method is pretty straightforward. You just have press a couple of buttons and that’s it. Here’s how you do it:

  1. Navigate to the screen you want to take a screenshot of.
  2. Press both the side button and volume up at the same time.
  3. If your iPhone XS Max isn’t muted, you will hear the camera shutter sound which confirms that you’ve successfully taken a screenshot.
  4. The screenshot preview will show at the bottom and if you want to annotate it, tap on it and you’ll be able to do so.
  5. To share it, tap and hold on the preview and you’ll have the option to share the screenshot via iMessage, Slack, Whatsapp or mail.

If you want to edit or share your screenshots at a later time, you can access them via Photos app and look into Screenshot album.

Taking screenshots on iPhone XS Max using Assistive Touch

This method is a bit more complicated as it involves several steps prior to being able to take screenshots but it’s worth it. Here’s how it’s done…

  1. Enable Assistive Touch first by going to Settings > General > Accessibility > Assistive Touch and then toggle the switch ON. The moment the switch is toggled on, you’ll see an opaque button on your screen.
  2. On the same screen, tap Customize Top Level Menu.
  3. Tap the star icon to customize its function.
  4. Select Screenshot from the list of functions. This will add the Screenshot button in Assistive Touch.
  5. To take a screenshot using assistive touch, navigate to the screen you want to capture.
  6. Now, tap the Assistive Touch button to reveal the functions and then tap Screenshot.
  7. The screen flashes and you’ll hear the camera shutter as a confirmation that a screenshot has been taken.

You may edit it right from the preview or you can access it later by using Photos app.

Bottom line

Obviously, the first method is simpler between these two methods but there are times when physical buttons fail and when it happens, at least, you still have the Assistive Touch to assist you. I hope that this tutorial will be helpful.