Can’t Send Text Messages on iPhone X – Unable to Send Message Blocking is Active

If you can’t send text messages on iPhone X, ensure that text messaging option is enabled on your device. Just access your device settings. If you’re still unable to send message and it is saying blocking is active, find out some simple fix below.


If you’re having issues with sending text messages or iMessage from your iPhone X, then this is likely caused by a software issue and you should be able to fix it without too much trouble.

The first thing we’ll have to do is determine where the problem is with iMessage or with regular Text Messaging:

  • Go to Settings > Messages and Turn iMessage off.
  • Once iMessage is off, try sending a message.
  • If the message sends successfully, we know the issue is with iMessage. You will want to make sure you always have an internet connection when using iMessage. If you don’t have a data plan, it is preferable to keep iMessage off to avoid issues. If you do always have access to an internet connection through a data plan and use iMessage, perform the following steps:
    • Sign out of iMessage by going into Settings > Messages > Send & Receive, tapping your Apple ID, then tapping Sign Out.
    • Power off your iPhone completely, then power it back on.
    • Go to Settings > Messages and tap Use your Apple ID for iMessage.
    • Test iMessage now by trying to send a message again. If you still can’t send a message successfully on your iPhone, follow the rest of the guide.
  • If the message doesn’t send successfully, the first thing to try is to Reset your network settings.
    • Tap Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings. This will only delete the customized network settings like WiFi networks and APNs but personal information will not be affected. 
  • Check the recipient’s contact info.
    • Make sure that you’re using the right phone number or email address. If necessary, delete the contact entirely from your phone, and re-add them as a new contact with the proper phone number (including the area code).
    • Go to Settings > Messages > Blocked and make sure that they’re not on your block list.
  • If you still can’t send a message to a certain number, then delete any existing conversations between you and that number, restart your iPhone and try again.
  • Check for updates by going into Settings > General > Software Updates and perform any software updates that might be available.
  • If none of the above steps worked for you and fixed the issue, the last step is to perform a back up and restore of your deviceFor a guide on backing up and restoring your device, click here.

If none of the recommended solutions is able to fix the problem and you’re still can’t send text messages or unable to send message on your iPhone X, reach out to your carrier provider and check for any ongoing server updates.

If their service is up and running, contact Apple support and report this issue to them. They might be able to provide you with official recommendations on how to fix the problem.

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