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7 Best MicroSD Memory Card For iPhone XR In 2020

Apple made some impressive moves in getting rid of the 32GB options in their iPhone models. Now, the iPhone comes with a default 64GB of internal storage. That should be plenty of space for your favorite photos and videos, but sometimes it’s not. That’s why you might want to expand your storage with a microSD

5 Best Selfie Sticks For iPhone XR In 2020

The iPhone XR might not have as good as a camera setup as the iPhone XS or iPhone XS Max, but you can still help your camera quality through the use of a selfie stick. A selfie sticks will allow you to take photos and videos from angles that you weren’t able to before. Not

7 Best Car Holder Mounts For iPhone XR In 2020

Dashboard mounts for smartphones serve an invaluable purpose — they securely keep your smartphone in place so that you can easily manage the GPS, monitor text messages, and take phone calls without ever taking your hands off the wheel. These are especially useful for longer trips where you don’t want to be picking up your

5 Best iPhone XR Alternatives In 2020

As you no doubt know already, Apple recently announced its new lineup for the iPhone — the iPhone XR, iPhone XS, and iPhone XS Max. This is an exciting release for Apple because they’re officially moving forward with the iPhone X-style smartphone, leaving the traditional iPhone 8 style in the past — that does mean

5 Best Bluetooth Headsets For iPhone XR In 2020

Bluetooth headset is a great way for freelancers and professionals to answer their many phone calls without having to pick up the smartphone each time. After all, having to hold your smartphone to your ear all the time can get extremely annoying and uncomfortable. Bluetooth headsets are a great way for people to be generally

Effective ways to fix iPhone XR not responding after iOS 13.3

Having a high-end iPhone that is not responding is quite aggravating especially when the issue becomes apparent promptly after installing the latest iOS update. This error can be triggered by an iOS bug. But there are still other factors that cause this relevant symptom to occur. Read on to see what these factors are and

How to fix iPhone XR Face iD not working after iOS 13.3 update

FaceID that’s not working on the iPhone XR is among the various post-update errors reported after installing the latest iOS 13.3 update. Read on and check how you can possibly address this issue. Face ID allows users to unlock iPhone device, access third-party apps, and authenticate App Store and iTunes purchases without entering a device

My iPhone XR is frozen after iOS 13.3. Here’s how I fixed it.

One of the commonly raised post-update problems faced by many iPhone users is on sudden freezes and lags. Post-update performance issues like this are usually attributed to data corruption, misbehaving apps, and complex software bugs from within the update file. The same thing that has happened to my iPhone XR after the recent iOS update.

Fix can’t connect to iPhone XR hotspot after iOS 13.3

Personal hotspot on iPhone enables you to share mobile data to other devices such as computer, laptop, and other Wi-Fi enabled devices. However, this feature has been compromised after the iOS 13.3 update. A lot of users reported that they can’t connect to hotspot on their iPhone XR device and therefore, can’t share the internet

Fix Pandora keeps crashing after iOS 13.3 on iPhone XR

Apple is doing its best to redeem itself from its unstable iOS 13 start up, and therefore rolls out iOS 13.3 which is believed to be the last iOS version being rolled out this year. There are lots of good stuff this new iOS offers. From the upgraded screen time controls to bug fixes and