How To Fix iPhone XR Overheating

Is your iPhone XR overheating? Overheating can cause poor battery life, app crashes, device shutdowns and permanent damage. The good news is that overheating usually has an underlying cause that you can identify and address. Here’s a complete guide to cooling down your overheated iPhone XR.

What’s Causing the Overheating?

Before you can fix the overheating problem, it helps to understand what’s causing it in the first place. Here are the most common culprits:

  • Excessive Usage :Using processor-intensive apps like games, videos, graphics tools or navigation apps can make your iPhone XR hot, especially for prolonged periods. The phone generates more heat when its processor and GPU are working hard.
  • Software Issues: Buggy apps, iOS issues or features like background app refresh can trigger overheating. Outdated apps may not be optimized for your iPhone XR and drain the battery faster.
  • Poor Cell Signal: When your iPhone struggles to maintain a cellular signal, it has to work harder which generates more heat. Weak Wi-Fi signals can have a similar effect.
  • Charging Problems: Using lower quality, non-MFi certified cables and chargers can cause charging issues that lead to overheating. Leaving your phone charging overnight after it’s fully charged also generates excess heat.
  • Damaged Battery: If your battery is old, worn or damaged, it may not be able to handle a full charge which leads to heat buildup inside the tightly packed iPhone body.

Fix iPhone XR Overheating: Troubleshooting Guide

Dealing with an overheating iPhone XR can be concerning, as it not only affects the device’s performance but can also be a potential safety risk. Understanding the causes behind iPhone XR overheating and implementing effective solutions is crucial. In this section, we will explore the primary factors that can lead to iPhone XR overheating and provide practical tips to help you prevent and resolve this issue.

Close Apps and Restart Your iPhone

iPhone XR overheating

Double tap the Home button to bring up your recent apps. Swipe up on each app to force close it. Then hold down the side/power button and volume down button together until you see the Apple logo to restart your iPhone. This will close any rogue apps hogging resources.

Stop Charging When Full

Don’t leave your iPhone XR plugged in charging overnight. The battery can overheat from trickle charging. Unplug it once it hits 100%. Consider getting a timer charger that stops charging at full capacity.

Update Apps

iPhone XR overheating

Go to the App Store > Updates and install any available app updates. Updates often contain bug fixes and optimization that reduce battery drain and overheating. Delete and reinstall any persistently hot apps.

Check Battery Health

iPhone XR overheating

Go to Settings > Battery > Battery Health and see if your battery needs to be replaced. Low battery health means it can’t handle a full charge properly leading to heat. Replace batteries below 80%.

Reset All Settings

iPhone XR overheating

Go to Settings > General > Transfer or Reset iPhone> Reset and tap Reset All Settings. This will wipe any problematic settings without deleting your data. Just re-enable things like Wi-Fi when it’s done.

Restore to Factory Settings

iPhone XR overheating

Backup your iPhone with iTunes or iCloud, then go to Settings > General > > Transfer or Reset iPhone> and select Erase All Content and Settings. This completely wipes your iPhone to factory condition, removing any software issues.

Avoid Direct Sunlight

Don’t leave your iPhone XR in hot cars or direct sunlight. High ambient temperatures make it easier for the phone to overheat internally. Keep it as cool as possible.

Take Off the Case

The case traps heat generated by the phone. Remove it periodically to help the iPhone dissipate heat better. Consider a case with built-in cooling features.

Contact Apple Support

If you’ve tried everything and your iPhone XR is still overheating, contact Apple support. There may be an underlying hardware issue that requires inspection or repair.

By identifying the cause and methodically trying fixes, you should be able to stop your iPhone XR from overheating. Pay close attention to processor-intensive usage, charging habits, signal strength and running hot after iOS updates. With proper care, your iPhone can keep running cool for years to come.

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