How to fix an iPhone XR that is overheating

Is your iPhone XR overheating? There must be something that triggers it to heat up so easily until it gets extremely warm. And that’s what you should find out in order to resolve the problem immediately. Highlighted below are a few helpful tweaks in case you need more inputs when dealing with overheating problem on your iPhone XR. Read on for more information.

What causes your iPhone XR to overheat?

Smartphones can easily get warm from prolonged, extensive usage. There are also other factors that can heat trigger the phone to heat up so quickly. Among them are playing games, streaming music and videos, scrolling social media apps and when charging the phone.

Normally, smartphones can easily get back to its normal operating temperature right after putting them to rest for several minutes or hours. But there are some situations that extreme hotness could already affect the phone’s overall system functions. One good example is when you left your iPhone exposed to direct sunlight for an extended period. Once your iPhone’s operating temperature has exceeded the normal range, (0° to 35° Celsius or 32° to 95° F).it will prompt you with a warm temperature warning and would ask you to let it cool down.

Here are a few steps that you can try if ever you’ve seen a screen notification on your iPhone that it is overheating. It is best to follow the steps in order as they are designed to eliminate the error in a simple manner. Scroll down for more detailed instructions. 

First Solution: Close all running background apps then reboot your iPhone XR.

Running or background apps can also cause overheating on smartphones. These are the apps you opened previously but was not totally closed. Keeping them running in the background could be beneficial for multi-tasking needs but could also cause the overheating issue once they got corrupted. To make sure that overheating is not caused by these background apps, you can try clearing them from running at the background by following these steps:

  1. Access your Home screen and swipe your finger up then pause.
  2. Swipe left or right to navigate through the previews.
  3. Swipe up on an app preview to close it.
  4. Perform the same step to all apps until you clear them.

After clearing out all background apps, reboot your iPhone XR to give its system a quick refresh. Restarting your iPhone will also flush unwanted caches and temporary data that have gone corrupted and eventually triggered the processor to become exhausted and the iPhone to heat up so quickly. Just follow these steps to reboot your iPhone:

  1. Look for the Side/ Power button and either of the Volume Buttons then press and hold them simultaneously for a few seconds.
  2. Release them when you see the Slide to Power Off command on your screen and drag the power off slider to the right.
  3. Wait for 30 seconds then press and hold the Side/Power Button until the phone reboots.

You can also perform a forced restart if you want a faster way to close all background apps, including those corrupted files that might have caused the iPhone to overheat. Just follow these steps whenever you’re ready:

  1. Press and release the Volume Up button quickly.
  2. Press and release the Volume Down button quickly.
  3. Then press and hold the Side/Power button until you see the Apple logo.

There’s no need to worry about losing personal information as this process does not affect any saved data on the internal storage.

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Second solution: Check battery usage details and manage apps.

Seeing which app consumes the most of your iPhone power at a specific period of time can also help you narrow down the cause of overheating problem. Apps with significant power consumption are usually the main triggers and therefore must be corrected. So here’s what you should do next:

  1. From your Home screen, go to Settings.
  2. Then scroll down to Battery option.
  3. From there, you’ll see the Last 24 hours tab. Just scroll down to see the graph that shows the battery usage for each app.

If you see any unusual battery consumption on the apps, try updating them first. Getting updated apps often provides patch fixes, thus may help in resolving app issues that causes overheating on your iPhone XR. Here’s how to update your apps:

  1. From your Home screen, access App Store.
  2. Scroll down and tap Updates tab to show the list of apps with pending updates.
  3. Select Update button next to the app to update them individually.
  4. To update them all simultaneously, tap Update All tab on the upper-right of the screen. 

If this doesn’t help you in resolving the overheating issue on your iPhone XR, deleting the bad apps is your next option. You can always reinstall the app after deleting if you want to though. Here’s how to delete an app from your iPhone XR:

  1. Access Home screen then tap and hold an app icon until you see the icons jiggling.
  2. Tap the X on the app you wish to delete or uninstall from your phone.
  3. Read the prompt and select Delete to confirm the deletion of the app.

Reboot your iPhone after uninstalling or deleting an app to remove junk files on the system and refresh your phone’s internal memory.

Third solution: Update phone software to the latest available version.

Updating your iOS to the latest version gives way to fix patch implementation and thereby fixes software bugs and system glitches. You can easily download and install these updates wirelessly/OTA (over-the-air) or manually through iTunes on a computer. The best way to do it will be through OTA especially if you have fast and stable Wi-Fi internet connection. Here’s how it’s done:

  1. From your Home screen, access Settings.
  2. Scroll down to General.
  3. Select Software Update.
  4. If there’s an available update, tap the option to Download and install.

To finish the download and install the software update, just follow the onscreen prompts. Once the update is finished, restart your phone to refresh the system.

Fourth solution: Reset all settings.

If the overheating issue is caused by a software problem, performing a reset all settings will likely fix it. This reset will erase all the customized settings saved on your phone and restores back to its original configuration. You can proceed right away because this reset won’t affect any saved data on the phone memory. Just follow these steps when you’re ready:

  1.  Access Settings from the Home screen.
  2. Select General.
  3. Scroll down and select Reset.
  4. Tap Reset all Settings option.
  5. Enter your device passcode once asked.
  6. Select the option to confirm all settings reset.

Once the reset is finished, your iPhone will restart automatically. Let it finish booting up and then re-enable necessary features so you can use them again as you normally do.

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Fifth solution: Restore your iPhone XR to default factory settings.

Restoring your iPhone to its default factory settings is likely needed if your iPhone continues to overheat after performing the previous solutions. You are likely dealing with a major system issue that requires more advanced procedures. Before you proceed, be sure to back up your files because this reset will permanently erase your iPhone data. You may opt to back up files to iTunes or iCloud for that matter. Then proceed to these steps whenever you’re ready to factory reset your iPhone XR:

  1. Access Settings from the Home screen.
  2. Select General.
  3. Scroll down and select Reset.
  4. Select the Erase all content and settings option.
  5. Enter your device passcode once asked.
  6. Select the option to confirm full system reset.

Your phone will now begin to erase all contents including saved configurations and then restore its factory default settings. When the reset is finished, the phone will restart automatically. By then you can proceed to the initial setup and configure your iPhone XR as new using the start-up wizard.

Is your iPhone still overheating after the reset?

Most software-related issues are resolved after doing a factory reset. If the overheating issue on your iPhone XR is caused by software glitches, stubborn bugs and malwares, then this process should be able to fix it. The overheating symptom however, could continue if damaged components like bad battery are to blame.

For more advanced solutions and recommendations, escalate the problem to your iPhone carrier or Apple Support. You can also avail for warranties if your iPhone is still covered. Just talk to your carrier for more information on how to avail for AppleCare warranty either for service or new iPhone XR unit replacement.

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