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5 Best Phone Cases For iPhone XR In 2020

Phones used to be pretty durable, but as innovation in design continues, they’re getting a whole lot more fragile. Just one example is that the new iPhone XR comes equipped with a glass back — drop that on the ground and it might shatter into a million pieces. That’s why it’s so important to equip

5 Best Ring Grip For iPhone In 2020

If you’re a smartphone owner, even with a smaller smartphone like the iPhone, then you’ve no doubt tried to watch video on the go. If you’re watching it for any decent amount of time, that can get uncomfortable. Luckily, a ring grip can solve that issue. Ring grips are designed to not only make your

5 Best iPhone XR Alternative In 2020

The iPhone XR might’ve joined the party a bit late, but that’s because it comes in as Apple’s “budget” smartphone, but there are amazing iPhone XR alternative. It still has great hardware, but has a couple of sacrifices to put it a few hundred dollars. That said, some folks still aren’t a big fan of

5 Best Screen Protectors For iPhone XR

If you picked up an iPhone XR, you know just how beautiful that new Super Retina display is — it’s hard to beat the clarity and detail that it offers. Unfortunately, these new screens, like other smartphones, don’t last forever. They seem to accrue scratches just from sitting in our jean pockets, or by sitting

How To Get Rid Of Blue Box On iPhone XR (iOS 13.4)

Some of our readers reported about a blue box on iPhone XR screen that keeps jumping from one point to another. It might seem strange for some users, especially the ones who have encountered it for the first time, or don’t understand what it really is, but it’s actually one of iPhone’s accessibility features.  Such

How To Fix Whatsapp Keeps Crashing On iPhone XR After iOS 13.2.3 Update

Having a Whatsapp that keeps crashing after an update might be a simple app malfunction due to random bugs. This is actually normal with third-party applications as they’re vulnerable to software glitches.  What you’ll find in this post are basic troubleshooting guide that will help in fixing an iPhone XR with Whatsapp that keeps crashing

How To Fix Snapchat Keeps Crashing On iPhone XR After iOS 13.2.3 Update

A Snapchat that keeps crashing right after an update may have been triggered by random bugs and software glitches from the recent software changes. In-app errors could also cause malfunction on the app and may have been one of the factors.  To deal with a similar problem on iPhone XR after installing iOS 13.2.3, this

How To Fix Personal Hotspot Not Working On iPhone XR After iOS 13.2 Update

Do you have an iPhone XR and is having a personal hotspot that’s not working after iOS 13.2 update? Find out how to remedy this problem as you read further.  You can actually use your device as a portable modem/router by enabling hotspot connection. A personal hotspot allows you to share the data connection to

How To Fix iPhone XR Notifications In Silent Mode Notification Bug On iOS 13

While notifications are useful when it comes to giving a heads up on new updates, they can likewise be annoying at certain circumstances especially when you’re asleep or in a job session with your bosses. Normally, notifications can be turned off at any time you want but there are some cases when your phone acts

How To Fix iPhone XR That Is Overheating In iOS 13

Is your iPhone XR overheating in iOS 13? If you do, then feel free to refer to this walkthrough before opting for service. Read on to find out why this happens and what must be done to get your iPhone’s temperature back to its normal operating level. Battery draining and overheating are just two of