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Getting Started
  • Understanding iPhone 11 buttons, features and getting to know the back side
  • Setting up iPhone 11 manually as a new device
  • Setting up iPhone 11 with Quick Start
  • Inserting and removing the nano SIM card on iPhone 11
  • Unlocking iPhone 11 screen
  • Changing the language of iPhone 11
  • Charging iPhone 11
Home screen, Display & Notifications
  • Adding and removing Home screen pages on iPhone 11
  • Adding, Managing and Removing Widgest on iPhone 11
  • Creating folders on iPhone 11
  • Adding a city to your weather feed on iPhone 11
  • Changing the wallpaper on your iPhone 11
  • Customizing the Control Center on your iPhone 11
  • Adjusting your auto-lock and brightness preferences on iPhone 11
  • Scheduling a Night Shift on iPhone 11
  • Turning on Dark Mode on iPhone 11
  • Changing iPhone's name
  • Viewing your notifications on iPhone 11
  • Managing notifications for an app on iPhone 11
  • Turning on LED flash for alerts on iPhone 11
  • Setting iPhone to silent on iPhone 11
Settings, Maintenance & Security
  • Accessing settings on iPhone 11
  • Signing in and out of your Apple ID on iPhone 11
  • Resetting your Apple ID password on iPhone 11
  • Removing a device from your Apple ID on iPhone 11
  • Turning passcode on on iPhone 11
  • Setting up Face ID on iPhone 11
  • Configuring location settings on iPhone 11
  • Turning Find My iPhone on on iPhone 11
  • Using the Find My app on iPhone 11
  • Checking for and installing system updates on iPhone 11
  • Managing the battery on iPhone 11
  • Managing iPhone's memory on iPhone 11
  • Saving storage by offloading unused apps on iPhone 11
  • Managing open apps on iPhone 11
  • Managing background app refresh on iPhone 11
  • Checking your device's warranty status on iPhone 11
  • Scheduling an Apple Support call on iPhone 11
  • Cancelling a scheduled Apple Support call on iPhone 11
  • Backing up iPhone using iCloud on iPhone 11
  • Upgrading your iCloud storage plan on iPhone 11
  • Force restarting iPhone on iPhone 11
  • Using recovery mode on iPhone 11
  • Resetting network settings on iPhone 11
  • Resetting all settings on iPhone 11
  • Performing a factory reset on iPhone 11
Screen Time & Family Sharing

Recent Guides

Effective ways to fix iPhone XR not responding after iOS 13.3

By Dina | 3 January 2020

Having a high-end iPhone that is not responding is quite aggravating especially when the issue becomes apparent promptly after installing the latest iOS update. This error can be triggered by an iOS bug. But there are still other factors that cause this relevant symptom to occur. Read on to see what these factors are and

How to fix iPhone XR Face iD not working after iOS 13.3 update

By Dina | 27 December 2019

FaceID that’s not working on the iPhone XR is among the various post-update errors reported after installing the latest iOS 13.3 update. Read on and check how you can possibly address this issue. Face ID allows users to unlock iPhone device, access third-party apps, and authenticate App Store and iTunes purchases without entering a device

My iPhone XR is frozen after iOS 13.3. Here’s how I fixed it.

By Grace | 27 December 2019

One of the commonly raised post-update problems faced by many iPhone users is on sudden freezes and lags. Post-update performance issues like this are usually attributed to data corruption, misbehaving apps, and complex software bugs from within the update file. The same thing that has happened to my iPhone XR after the recent iOS update.

Fix can’t connect to iPhone XR hotspot after iOS 13.3

By Dina | 17 December 2019

Personal hotspot on iPhone enables you to share mobile data to other devices such as computer, laptop, and other Wi-Fi enabled devices. However, this feature has been compromised after the iOS 13.3 update. A lot of users reported that they can’t connect to hotspot on their iPhone XR device and therefore, can’t share the internet

Fix Pandora keeps crashing after iOS 13.3 on iPhone XR

By Dina | 17 December 2019

Apple is doing its best to redeem itself from its unstable iOS 13 start up, and therefore rolls out iOS 13.3 which is believed to be the last iOS version being rolled out this year. There are lots of good stuff this new iOS offers. From the upgraded screen time controls to bug fixes and

Fixing WhatsApp that keeps crashing after iOS 13.2.3 on iPhone XR

By Dina | 13 December 2019

WhatsApp is among the famous messaging apps that lets you send text, voice messages, make video or voice calls. The app also allows users to share important content, photos, and user locations over the internet. And most importantly, this app is for free. But just like any other installed apps, this app is also at

How to fix Gmail that keeps crashing after iOS 13.2.3 on iPhone XR

By Dina | 13 December 2019

Gmail that keeps crashing after iOS 13.2.3 is among the common apps that experienced crashing issues after the new system implementation. Let us see why this crashing problem arises and how we can possibly handle this issue. Gmail is a free web based version email service created by Google and is not only accessible on

How to fix Youtube that keeps crashing after iOS 13.2.3 on iPhone XR

By TheCellGuide | 12 December 2019

Major software updates are designed to provide fix patches to reported errors from the previous platform and offer features enhancements. But right after installing the new iOS 13.2.3 update, many iOS users reported that their iOS devices dramatically sustained unwanted errors affecting the in-apps. And one of this is the crashing issue with the YouTube

Fixing Instagram that keeps crashing after iOS 13.2.3 on iPhone XR

By Dina | 12 December 2019

Are you having issues with Instagram that keeps crashing after the latest iOS implementation on your iPhone XR device? This has been one of the many apps that suddenly crash after iOS 13.2.3 update, and this issue is really getting into our end-users nerve. We have received multiple complaints from our avid readers and to

Dealing with apps crashing issues on iPhone XR after iOS 13.2.3 update

By Dina | 12 December 2019

Having apps crashing issues on your iPhone XR after iOS 13.2.3 update? Read this post to understand why these apps misbehaved after new system implementation and how we can address these apps issues. The impact of technology in our lives is truly bewildering. It makes our lives easier by giving us access to almost everything.