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Camera closes by itself after Android 10 on Galaxy S10

By Harjie | 3 January 2020

The camera is one of the core apps on your Galaxy S10. It comes pre-installed on your device and it’s being updated through firmware updates. Recently, Samsung rolled out a major update to its flagship devices–the Android 10 that comes with an improved One UI 2.0. The update basically brings improvements to the device but

MMS won’t send on Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus

By Harold | 7 November 2019

MMS is basically just an SMS with attachments and may it be in the form or an emoji, picture, video or any file. If MMS won’t send on your Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus, it could be just due to a setting unless of course, something happened to your phone physically or internally that may have

How to fix Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus with slow performance

By Harold | 6 November 2019

When a premium device like the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus starts to have a slow performance or become sluggish, you can almost expect that it’s due to a firmware issue, although we really can’t pinpoint what the problem really is. That’s when troubleshooting comes in handy. As an owner, the least you can do is

How to fix Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus that keeps restarting by itself

By Harold | 5 November 2019

When a high-end smartphone like the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus keeps restarting by itself, you can almost be sure that it’s an issue with the firmware. Firmware problems are very annoying as they affect the overall performance of your phone but they’re actually not that serious especially if the firmware hasn’t been modified in any

How to Get Rid of Virus Infection Warning on Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus

By TheCellGuide | 5 November 2019

Most of the time, the virus infection warning you’re getting on your Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus or any smartphone for that matter is a fake. The dialog box/popup that shows on the screen would always want you to go to a certain website where you will be instructed to download a file or application. These

Facebook crashes on Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus

By TheCellGuide | 4 November 2019

Your Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus comes with a lot of pre-installed applications and Facebook is one of them. While it’s a third-party app, it’s still embedded in the firmware and without root access, you won’t be able to remove it completely from your phone. We have received reports from some owners of the phone saying