Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus: How to insert nano SIM card

It is easy to insert nano SIM card into your Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus. It is important that you properly knew how to do this as it’s one of the most important things you need to do first so that you can activate both texting and calling features.

If you’re using an old SIM card, make sure that it’s a nano SIM as anything larger than that won’t fit in the tray. While handling the card, don’t touch the gold contacts as you may end up damaging it. If you have a new SIM card, you may have to call your provider after inserting the card into your phone to get it provisioned. Continue reading below as I will walk you through on how to insert nano SIM card into your Galaxy S10 Plus.

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How to insert nano SIM card into your Galaxy S10 Plus

Your phone has a combined nano SIM and microSD card tray so if you also want to insert a new storage device, you might as well insert it together with the SIM card.

  1. Turn your phone off first. This is very important so as to prevent your SIM card from being damaged.
  2. Locate the combined SIM and SD card tray at the top of the device. It’s located at the left side and you would if it’s the card try because there’s a pinhole beside it.
  3. Press the card insertion/removal tool into the card tray pinhole and push in until the tray releases.
  4. Gently slide the card tray out of its slot.
  5. Insert nano SIM card into the tray with the gold contacts facing the back of the phone.
  6. Press the card tray back into its slot until it clicks, making sure it’s secure.
  7. Now, power your device back on and see if the nano SIM card is now detected and if your phone is getting good signal.

And that’s how to insert nano SIM card into your new Galaxy S10 Plus device. If you have problems with your phone as far as reception is concerned, your service provider should be able to help you fix it provided that you properly inserted the nano SIM into your device.

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