MMS won’t send on Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus

MMS is basically just an SMS with attachments and may it be in the form or an emoji, picture, video or any file. If MMS won’t send on your Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus, it could be just due to a setting unless of course, something happened to your phone physically or internally that may have stopped its capability to send text messages.

In this post, I will guide you on how to troubleshoot your that can no longer send MMS. We will try to look into every possibility and rule them out one by one until we can determine what the problem really is. So, if you’re one of the owners of this device and are currently being bugged by a similar issue, continue reading as this article may be able to help you one way or the other.

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Troubleshooting Galaxy S10 Plus with MMS won’t send issue

Based on experience, the MMS won’t send issue is not that hard to fix as long as your phone hasn’t been damaged physically or the firmware hasn’t been modified in any way. Assuming that this problem started without apparent reason or cause, here are the things you can do to try and fix it:

First solution: Force restart your phone first

If you were able to send MMS prior to this problem, then it could be just a minor glitch in the system. Glitches happen all the time and while they’re often pretty annoying, they’re very easy to fix. The most effective solution for it is the forced restart. To do this, press and hold the volume down and power keys at the same time for 10 seconds or more.

This will refresh the phone’s memory and reload every setting in it. If this has been due to a minor firmware issue, then you should be able to send MMS after this. So, once the phone boots up successfully, compose a text message and attach a file to it and send it to your own number so that you would know if the message goes through and if you can receive it. If still MMS won’t send after this, then try the next solution.

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Second solution: Make sure your phone has good reception

When it comes to wireless connections or services, signal is everything. So, if your phone has a poor reception, then that could be the reason why MMS won’t send in your phone. Just a quick look at the signal indicator at the top of the screen will tell you immediately if that’s the issue. If your phone only has a bar of signal, try to go to some open area and see if the signal improves. Also, try to see if there’s an airplane icon next to the signal indicator because if there is, then that’s clearly the reason why your phone won’t send MMS. It has to be disabled so that wireless communication will be enabled. Just swipe down from the top of the screen and tap the Airplane mode icon. If it’s blue, then it’s enabled so tap on it so it turns gray.

Third solution: Toggle mobile data off and back on

In case you’re not aware yet, MMS uses mobile data to transmit messages so it should be enabled. If it’s already enabled, then try to toggle it off and then back on to refresh the connection of your phone to the network.

  1. Swipe down from the top of the screen to pull the notification panel.
  2. Pull the notification panel all the way down to access other settings.
  3. Find and tap Mobile data to turn it off and then wait for a few seconds and tap on it again to enable it back.

Take note that the mobile data icon should be blue for you to be able to send a message. After this, try to compose an MMS or send an existing message to your own number. If the MMS won’t send even after this, then the problem could already be with the network, APN or your account.

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Fourth solution: Reset network settings to fix MMS won’t send issue

Let’s try to refresh all the network communications or radios in your phone by resetting all network settings. This will address all network issues with your device and most of the time it’s the ultimate solution to minor issues like this. Don’t worry, none of your files and data will be deleted if you do this. Here’s how:

  1. From the Home screen, swipe up on an empty spot to open the Apps tray.
  2. Tap Settings > General Management > Reset > Reset network settings.
  4. If you have set up a PIN, enter it.
  5. Tap RESET SETTINGS. Once complete, a confirmation window will appear.

If MMS won’t send still after this procedure, then the problem could already be with the network or your account.

Fifth solution: Call tech support

Call the tech support of your service provider as they know what’s wrong with the network and your account. If there’s someone who can better help you now, that should be your service provider as they have all the tools needed to fix this problem or at least, give you the answer as to why MMS won’t send even after doing all those troubleshooting procedures.

If it’s an account issue, then they can fix this immediately as long as you don’t have outstanding balance. If it’s a network problem, then you’ll probably be advised to wait for an hour or two or until the issue gets fixed.

I hope that we’ve been able to help you fix the problem with your device. We would appreciate it if you helped us spread the word so please share this post if you found it helpful. Thank you so much for reading!


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