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7 Best Radio Apps To Listen To Local AM/FM Radio Without Data For iPhone XS

One thing that you might not be aware about the new iPhone XS is that, much like other smartphones, it has an FM Receiver in it. The benefit to this is that it allows Local Radio Apps to listen to AM/FM radio without using data. The downside to it is that most wireless carriers in the

9 Best Wireless Chargers For iPhone XS In 2020

Are you tired of using the lightning cable to charge your iPhone XS? We are, too. Lightning cables generally provide a quick charge to our iPhone’s, but they also have so much trouble — wires break easily, burns on end sometimes slows down charging, and other times, dust gets packed in the charging port that

5 Best Screen Protectors For iPhone XS In 2020

One of the big problems with smartphones is that, if you don’t put a screen protector on, they seem to accrue scratches, nicks, and scuffs easily. You could take your phone out on the town, leave it in your pocket, and scratches would magically appear! The wind blows the wrong way, and they seem to

5 Best Phone Cases For iPhone XS In 2020

Phone protection is more important than ever. With phones like the iPhone XS that are large and slippery due to the glass back, it makes it easy to accidentally drop them. Drop it, and you might shatter the back, depending on the surface it fell on. You’ll for sure scuff and scratch it up, though.

5 Best iPhone XS Alternative In 2020

The iPhone XS is the successor to last year’s iPhone X, but with only some small improvements that don’t really make the phone worth shelling out $1000 for. If you’re tired of these silly incremental upgrades from Apple, then you might want to consider looking elsewhere for your smartphone needs, and there are plenty of

5 Best Wallet Cases For iPhone XS In 2020

Let’s face it, we carry a lot of gear with us wherever we go. Before we leave the house, we make sure we have our wallet, phone, keys, possibly a small notepad, headphones, and maybe even a pocket knife. That’s a lot to carry around, but luckily, you can minimize some of that with a

How To Fix iPhone XS GPS Not Working Or Location Bug After iOS 13.3 Update

GPS or Global Positioning System has been a useful feature on smartphones nowadays. It allows you to roam around even at unfamiliar places without worrying about getting lost. But this feature may cause you some troubles if the gps will not work or you’ll experience a location bug.  Based from the reports, several iPhone XS

How To Fix Ghost Touch Bug On iPhone XS After iOS 13 Update

A ghost touch bug is one of the unusual post-update errors affecting some iPhone models. If it’s not inflicted by an iOS bug, a ghost touch may likely be attributed to a defective touchscreen or display component on your iPhone XS. But since the onset of the problem is following an iOS update installation, ruling

How To Fix Alarm That Is Not Working On iPhone XS iOS 13

Having trouble using your iPhone XS alarm functions after updating to iOS 13? If so, then this post is for you. Keep reading to find out what to do if the alarm is not working on your iPhone XS iOS 13. Software updates can bring out the good and the bad on smartphones. Issues surrounding

Messages Stopped Working On Apple iPhone XS After iOS 12.2 Update

Some owners of the Apple iPhone XS have been complaining because Messages stopped working all of the sudden after they’ve updated their devices to iOS 12.2. On March 25, Apple rolled out the latest iOS update for iPhone 5s and later iPhones and iPad devices. The update is pushed to address a denial of service