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How to fix iPhone X Face ID not working after iOS 13.3

By Dina | 10 January 2020

Face ID is the latest technology designed and develop by Apple Inc. This feature is used to unlock phone screens, accessing apps, and processing purchases. The facial recognition system which replaced the old Touch ID uses the front camera (TrueDepth camera) to authenticate the identification of the user. But with the recent iOS 13.3 update,

How to fix iPhone XS alarm not working after iOS 13.3 update

By Dina | 9 January 2020

The alarm on your iPhone XS worked just fine until the latest iOS 13.3 update was installed. An alarm that is not going off as scheduled is definitely a frustrating predicament. Because of this, you’ll probably miss an important appointment. Whatever restraining your iPhone XS alarm to not go off–as long as they’re all software-related,

Essential Fixes for iPhone XS shutting down randomly after iOS 13.3

By Dina | 3 January 2020

Does your iPhone XS randomly powers off after installing the iOS 13.3 update? Read further and this article might be able to fix your problem. In today’s generation, smartphones are already considered as basic necessities rather than accessories. We need smartphones for business and personal purposes. And nobody can afford to lose access with their

How to fix iPhone XR Face iD not working after iOS 13.3 update

By Dina | 27 December 2019

FaceID that’s not working on the iPhone XR is among the various post-update errors reported after installing the latest iOS 13.3 update. Read on and check how you can possibly address this issue. Face ID allows users to unlock iPhone device, access third-party apps, and authenticate App Store and iTunes purchases without entering a device

How to fix iPhone XS App Store not working after iOS 13.3

By Dina | 27 December 2019

Apple has its very own app to where you can download and install ample of amazing applications. This app is maintained by Apple itself. This server-based application is called the Apple Store. However, no matter how stable this app can be, it is still vulnerable to glitches. When the iOS 13.3 was rolled out, a

Latest 5 Best Caller ID Apps for iPhone XS and how to use them 

By Grace | 20 December 2019

It’s definitely annoying to get junk calls and spam messages on  your phone. Nonetheless, fraud callers and entities are now becoming rampant hence, unwanted calls and text messages could still butt in. To address this concern, software developers have created some dedicated applications that will help smartphone owners filter and restrict unwanted calls and messages

How to fix iPhone XS cellular data not working after iOS 13.3

By Dina | 20 December 2019

Apple iOS devices such as iPhones are designed to access the internet with either mobile data or by connecting to a wireless network. What’s the good thing about having a smartphone is that you will still be able to use internet-based apps anytime, anywhere you go. Even without having connected to a Wi-Fi. But then

Fix iPhone XS No Service error after iOS 13.3

By Dina | 19 December 2019

A no service error on iPhone XS means that there is an interruption of signal transmission to the extent that you are no longer getting signal from your service provider’s cellular tower. Therefore, all your network connectivity features on your iOS device are being suspended. Once your device is under this situation, you are no

Fixing iPhone XS slow internet problem after updating iOS

By Grace | 13 December 2019

When your iOS device succumbs to internet problems, it could endure different symptoms from slow internet browsing to no internet connection at all. There are also instances when your phone experience random to frequent Wi-Fi drops or intermittent connection to the internet. Various factors can trigger these symptoms to show up on your iPhone. In

A Quick Guide for iOS starters: How to restore computer to factory

By TheCellGuide | 11 December 2019

New to iOS and need help in restoring your iPhone X? If so, then this post is for you. Keep scroll to find out how to restore iPhone X in different modes using iTunes on a Windows or Mac Computer. If you are looking for your computers or PC to factory reset then we here