Samsung Galaxy A20

Samsung Galaxy A20

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Home screen, Display & Notifications

  • Samsung Galaxy A20 can’t send / receive text messages. Here’s the fix.
  • Not receiving text messages
  • Can't send or receive picture messages
  • Messages displayed in the wrong order
  • How to block text messages

Settings, Maintenance & Security

Screen Time & Family Sharing

  • How to Run Samsung Galaxy A20 in Safe Mode
  • How to perform the Master Reset or Hard Reset on Samsung Galaxy A20
  • How to Factory Reset Samsung Galaxy A20 via Settings Menu
  • How to screen mirror your Galaxy A20 to TV using Samsung Smart View app
  • How to replace Samsung Galaxy A20 wireless charger / NFC pad
  • How to fix Galaxy A20 that won't turn on
  • What to do if your Samsung Galaxy A20 is overheating?
  • What to do if your Samsung Galaxy A20 has a virus infection popup?
  • Fast charging feature no longer works on Samsung Galaxy A20
  • How to get rid of Samsung Galaxy A20’s random freezes
  • How to replace Samsung Galaxy A20 battery
  • How to replace Samsung Galaxy A20 loudspeaker module
  • How to fix not charging issue
  • How to perform a backup & restore
  • How to perform a hard reset
  • How to configure APN settings
  • How to enable USB debugging
  • How to activate developer mode
  • How to hide number from outgoing calls
  • How to fix screen flickering issue

Recent Guides

Galaxy A20 Snapchat Keeps Crashing. Here’s The Fix!

By Harold | 27 February 2020

App issues occur every now and then and just recently, some owners of the Galaxy A20 reported that Snapchat keeps crashing on their phones for some reason. The thing about app crashes is that they’re pretty annoying because you cannot use the app properly. However, they’re not really that hard to fix.  So, in this

Galaxy A20 Keeps Disconnecting From Wi-Fi. Here’s The Fix!

By Harold | 27 February 2020

Smartphones like the Galaxy A20, even if they’re entry-level devices, shouldn’t have issues connecting to a network. However, some users reported that their phone keeps disconnecting from Wi-Fi without apparent reason or cause.  Most of the time, we often think that the problem can be with the phone but if the issue occurred all of

How To Fix A Galaxy A20 With Poor Performance

By Harold | 27 February 2020

When a smartphone like the Galaxy A20 starts having a very poor performance, you can always expect it to be a problem with the firmware. Firmware issues are often the cause of performance-related problems in any smartphone. And while they’re pretty annoying, they’re actually not that hard to fix.  In this post, we will guide

Galaxy A20 Mobile Hotspot Won’t Work! Here’s The Fix!

By Harold | 20 February 2020

When the Galaxy A20 mobile hotspot won’t work the way it should, there’s a possibility that it’s just due to a minor firmware issue or you may need to do something about it for it to work again. Network issues aren’t really that serious. Most of the time, you only need to do a couple

How To Reset Galaxy A20 Network Settings

By Harold | 20 February 2020

There are different kinds of reset you can do on your Galaxy A20, or any Android phone for that matter. One of those is the network reset, which may come in very handy if you have some issues with your phone related to connectivity. And in this post, we will show you how to reset

How To Reset All Settings On Galaxy A20

By Harold | 18 February 2020

If you’re familiar with the factory reset, then you already know that doing so will bring your phone back to its factory settings. But there’s another procedure that does almost the same thing except that none of your files and data will be deleted, and that’s to reset all settings on your Galaxy A20 or