How to Backup and Factory Reset your Samsung Galaxy S5

If you want to backup and factory reset your Samsung Galaxy S5, open Settings app and scroll to User and Backup. Tap Backup and reset. To back up your apps, you must be logged in to a Google account. If needed, tap Backup my data or tap Backup account to select the check box.

Performing a factory reset might be needed at times where you are dealing with complex system errors on your device. But to save those important files and data, you will need to create backups first. 

What you’ll find below is a more thorough process on how to create backups and factory reset your Samsung Galaxy S device. Feel free to follow them

How-to Create Backup and Factory Reset a Galaxy S5

Here are the steps to manually backup all your data to your Google Account so you can restore your Samsung Galaxy without losing any of your precious data.

Backup Photos and Videos

This will backup your photos to your Google account. You can access them through the Google Photos app on any device or through Google Photos on the web:

  • Open the Google Photos app.
    ( If you don’t have it installed, you can download Google Photos through the Play Store ).
  • At the top left, touch the Menu icon.
  • Select Settings.
  • Touch Back up & sync.
  • Make sure Backup is toggled ON and Tap on Backup All to backup all your photos and videos.

Backup Contacts during resetting

  • From the Home screen, tap Contacts.
  • Tap the More key.
  • Tap Move device contacts to.
  • Choose Google.
  • If necessary, log in to your Google account.
  • Your contacts will be saved to your Google account.

Backup app data to factory reset galaxy s5, WiFi passwords and other settings:

  • Go to Settings > Backup & Reset.
  • Make sure Back up my data is toggled ON.

Once you’ve performed all these steps, you’re now ready to factory reset galaxy s5 

  • Go to Settings > Backup & Reset.
  • Tap on Factory data reset.
  • Tap on Reset Phone.
  • Your Samsung Galaxy will reboot and you will be greeted with the initial setup.
  • Make sure to input your Google account when prompted.
  • Your contacts and apps will be restored automatically.
  • You can access your Photos through the Google Photos app or through Google Photos on the web.

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