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How To Get Rid Of Blue Box On iPhone XR (iOS 13.4)

blue box on iphone xr

Some of our readers reported about a blue box on iPhone XR screen that keeps jumping from one point to another. It might seem strange for some users, especially the ones who have encountered it for the first time, or don’t understand what it really is, but it’s actually one of iPhone’s accessibility features.  Such

My iPhone X Won’t Turn On After iOS 13.4. Here’s The Fix!

iphone x won't turn on

Learn what to do when iPhone X won’t turn on after a firmware update. After the iOS 13.4, some owners of the iPhone X reported that their devices powered down and would no longer turn on. Such a problem can be a sign of a serious hardware issue, especially if you dropped your iPhone at

How To Change Safari Homepage On Mac

change safari homepage set current

This post will walk you through on how to change Safari homepage on your Mac. Safari, your Mac’s default web browser, is set to open Apple’s website when launched. You may be using an Apple product but it doesn’t mean you’ll get stuck on seeing the default startpage when you open the browser. You can