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How to download app and widget on Galaxy S20

how to download app or widget on galaxy S20

Not all pre-installed apps and services on your smartphone meet all your needs and preferences. Thankfully, online stores are there to cater to such end-user demands. For Android devices, Google’s very own digital-multimedia content service called Play Store serves this purpose. With the Play Store, you can browse through various online stores where you can

How to Access Developer Options and Enable USB Debugging on Galaxy A50

enable usb debugging on galaxy a50

If you’re out of clue on how to access Developer Options and enable USB Debugging on your Galaxy A50, scroll down and read this post to learn. Most of the mobile applications nowadays need to go through USB Debugging to remove errors or bugs, be installed correctly, and work as intended. Aside from that, USB

How to Navigate, Add and Delete Galaxy S20 Home screens

how to add and remove galaxy s20 home screens

Here’s an easy walk-through for you to easily navigate, add and delete Galaxy S20 Home screens. The Home screen houses shortcut icons of apps and system services found on your phone. The default Home screen layout of your Galaxy S20 is comprised of the Home and Apps screens. You can change this layout to Home