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How to Set Up Personal Email on Galaxy S20

how to set up personal email galaxy s20

Wondering how to get started adding an email account on your new Samsung Galaxy smartphone? Lined up below are the steps on how to automatically set up personal email on Galaxy S20. Feel free to refer to this easy walk-through when needed. Checking and responding to emails are already part of many people’s daily routine.

How to Reset Network Settings Galaxy S20

how to reset network settings galaxy s20

Performing a network reset comes in handy when dealing with network-related issues on your phone. This is often deemed among the last options should the basic solutions fail to fix the manifesting symptoms. Outlined below are simple steps on how to reset network settings on a Galaxy S20. Scroll down to view more illustrative instructions.

How to Hard Reset or Master Reset Galaxy S20

master reset galaxy s20 - featured image

Need help carrying out a hard reset or master reset on your Galaxy S20? If so, then this post is for you. Read on to find out how to erase and restore factory default settings on a Samsung Galaxy S20 smartphone using the hardware keys. When sluggishness and other performance issues start to manifest in