How to replace Google Pixel 3 loudspeaker module

Before you decide to replace the loudspeaker of your Google Pixel 3, perform some troubleshooting procedures to determine if it’s really a hardware problem and not just due to some settings. Make sure that there aren’t Bluetooth devices that are currently paired or connected to the device and that all the volumes are turned up. It would also be better to perform the master reset to see if the problem continues after that.

Assuming you’ve already done everything to make sure it isn’t with the settings of your phone, then buy the OEM loudspeaker module for your Google Pixel 3.

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Things you need

  • Suction cup
  • Plastic prying tools
  • Heat gun or hair dryer
  • Screwdriver

How to remove the back cover

You will be spending more time cracking the back cover of your device since it’s thoroughly glued onto the frame. As you know, the Pixel 3 is already an IP68-certified which means to say that it’s water-resistant that’s why it’s impossible for liquid to get in because of all the glue used to keep components in place especially the back cover.

  1. Using the heat gun, heat up the edges of the back cover until it would be uncomfortable to touch it. Just apply enough heat to loosen the adhesive and remember that applying too much heat may damage the battery. And when applying heat, do not point the gun in one place, always move around the edges.
  2. Once the cover is hot enough, put the suction cup on the lower part of the phone or where the USB port is.
  3. Gently lift the suction cup until you can see a slight opening between the back cover and the frame. After applying reasonable amount of upwards pressure, the back cover should separate slightly from the frame but if it doesn’t, you may need to apply more heat.
  4. Place a prying tool into the crack to prevent the glue from sticking back to the frame.
  5. Move the prying tool along the sides to loosen the adhesive but be very gentle in doing this so as not to mess up some components. Also, don’t push the prying tool too deep. You may use more prying tools if necessary. If the phone cools down before the back cover is removed, try applying heat again to loosen up the adhesives.
  6. Once the back cover is loose enough, lift it gently so as not to break the flex cable of the fingerprint scanner.
  7. The fingerprint scanner flex cable is secured by a bracket and a couple of screws. Remove the screws to remove the back cover and you can disconnect the flex cable after that.
  8. Once the flex cable of the fingerprint sensor is removed, the back cover is detached from the phone. You may now begin removing modules you want replaced.

How to remove and replace the loudspeaker module

Once you’ve cracked open the back cover, you can now easily access all components inside which are secured by either screws and/or glue. In the case of the loudspeaker module, you first need to unmount the battery before you can remove it.

  1. Once you’ve successfully removed the back cover and disconnected the flex cable of the fingerprint sensor, then replacing the battery would be a breeze but first, disconnect the battery from the motherboard. It’s connected via a flex cable that you can easily disconnect using a prying tool or a pair of tweezers.
  2. Gently remove the gold strip at the side of the battery and this should also make the battery loose from the compartment. Again, the adhesive that secures the battery isn’t that strong so you shouldn’t have issues removing it.
  3. Once the battery is removed, remove the screws the secure the loudspeaker module.
  4. Now, disconnect the flex cable from the motherboard to set loose the module.
  5. Once the loudspeaker module is removed, replace it with a new one and then secure it with the same screws you removed just a while ago.
  6. Connect the flex cable of the new module to the motherboard.
  7. Now, mount the battery back onto your phone and reconnect its flex.
  8. Replace every component you removed as well as all the screws.
  9. Put the back cover back on but don’t forget to reconnect the flex of the fingerprint sensor.

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