Pixel 3 Keeps Restarting Issue: 6 Ways to Fix It (Restart, Wipe Partition + More)

Are you experiencing the frustrating issue of a Pixel 3 keeps restarting? Look no further! Our expert guide provides effective solutions to resolve the constant restarting problem on your Pixel 3, ensuring a seamless user experience. Discover troubleshooting techniques and step-by-step instructions to fix the Pixel 3 keeps restarting issue and regain control over your device.

Pixel 3 keeps restarting

1. Charge the Battery Fully

Before troubleshooting, make sure your Pixel 3’s battery is charged to 100%. An almost dead battery can cause unexpected reboots. Use the original charger to charge it completely.

2. Force Restart the Pixel 3

This solution helps resolve temporary software glitches or freezes that may be causing your device to continuously restart. By following the specific button combinations for a force restart on the Pixel 3, you can initiate a quick reboot that can potentially resolve the restarting issue and restore normal functionality to your device.

Press and hold the Power button for 10-20 seconds until the Pixel 3 reboots. Release once you see the boot up animation.

3. Boot in Safe Mode

Safe mode starts core apps only. If restarts don’t happen in safe mode, a third party app is likely the issue.

To enable safe mode:

  • Press and hold Power button > Tap and hold Power off > OK

4. Wipe Cache Partition

A buildup of residual data in the cache partition can trigger reboots. Wiping it may help.

  • Turn off your Pixel 3
  • Hold Volume Down + Power until you see the Android bot screen
  • Use Volume keys to highlight ‘Wipe cache partition’ > Power button to select
  • Select ‘Reboot system now’ after wiping

5. Reset to Factory Settings

If you’ve exhausted other options, resetting your Pixel 3 will erase any apps or software issues causing constant restarts.

Backup data first, then:

  • Power off > Hold Power + Volume Down until you see Android bot screen
  • Use Volume keys to select ‘Recovery mode’ > Power button to confirm
  • Select ‘Wipe data/factory reset’ > Choose ‘Yes’ to confirm
  • Wait for reset to complete > Select ‘Reboot system now’

6. Check for Hardware Damage

If factory reset doesn’t fix the restarts, it could indicate a hardware problem like a faulty battery. Contact Google Support to troubleshoot potential hardware faults still causing constant reboots.

With some dedicated troubleshooting using these methods, you should be able to stop your Google Pixel 3 from constantly restarting or rebooting. Let us know which solution did the trick!

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