How to fix Google Pixel 3 XL that’s constantly restarting?

Constant or frequent reboots are a sign of a firmware problem and some owners of the Google Pixel 3 XL have been complaining about this problem. There were those who reported that they were able to fix their problems on their own after doing some troubleshooting procedures. Aside from being a firmware issue, it could also be a sign of a hardware component that’s failing especially the battery.

Being the owner, you must perform some basic troubleshooting procedures to determine why the problem occurs in the first place and know what to do to fix it assuming that it’s not a hardware problem. In this post, I will guide you in troubleshooting your Pixel 3 XL that’s constantly restarting. So, if you’re one of the owners of this device and are currently having similar issue, continue reading as this article may be able to help you.

Before moving on to our troubleshooting, if you are looking for a solution to a different issue, visit our Pixel 3 XL Help Guides page for we have already solved some of the most common problems with this device. Take a little time browsing through that page to find for issues that are similar with yours. Feel free to use our solutions.

Now, going back to the problem at hand, here’s what you need to do if your Pixel 3 XL frequently reboots by itself…

  1. Use your Pixel 3 XL in safe mode.
  2. Factory reset your phone.

In troubleshooting this problem, there are actually just a couple of procedures you need to do. First is to run your Pixel 3 XL in safe mode to determine if the cause of the problem is a third-party application. It’s important you try this first as there are times when applications go rogue and cause inconsistencies in the system. When it happens, performance issues may occur including freezes, lags and frequent reboots.

But assuming the problem doesn’t occur in safe mode, the next thing you need to do is find out which of your apps actually cause the problem and uninstall it. Now, here’s how to run your phone in safe mode:

  1. With the device powered on, press and hold the Power button (located on the right-edge) until the Power off prompt appears then release.
  2. Touch and hold Power off until the “Reboot to safe mode” prompt appears then release.
  3. Tap OK to confirm.
  4. The restart process may take up to 45 seconds to complete.
  5. Upon restart, ‘Safe mode’ appears in the lower-left of the unlock/home screen.

However, if your Pixel 3 XL still restarts even in safe mode, the next thing to do is to factory reset your phone. But before that, make sure to backup important files and data as they will be deleted during the process.

Here’s how to effective reset your Pixel 3 XL:

  1. Turn off your Google Pixel 3 XL.
  2. Press and hold the Power+Volume Down buttons until bootloader mode (image of an Android with Start above it) appears, then release.
  3. Select Recovery mode. You can use the Volume buttons to cycle through the available options and the Power button to select. The device will flash the Google start screen momentarily and then restarts in Recovery mode.
  4. If presented with an image of a broken Android with “No Command” printed on the screen, press and hold the Power button. Press the Volume Up button once. Then release the Power button.
  5. From the Android Recovery screen, select Wipe data/factory reset.
  6. Select Yes. Wait for several minutes for the factory data reset process to complete.
  7. Select Reboot system now. Allow several minutes for the factory data reset and reboot processes to complete.
  8. Set the phone up again.

These two procedures are enough to determine and fix the problem but if it continues even after the reset, then it’s time you brought it to the shop so that a technician can check it up for you.

I hope that this how-to post has helped you one way or another. Please help us spread the word by sharing this post to your friends or people who may also have similar problems. Thanks for reading!


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