How to replace Google Pixel battery replacement

Since smartphone manufacturers started to have the IP68 certification on their devices, battery replacement couldn’t be more difficult to replace because water-resistant smartphones will always come with a non-removable battery. Watertighting for smartphones is almost the end of repair-ability for these devices since the components inside are secured by shields, screws and glue…a lot of it. Such is the case with the Google Pixel 3.

Battery removal and replacement for this phone would be a pain and you’ll be spending more time removing its primary protection–the back cover. It doesn’t have any notches so it means that it is secured properly by adhesives that you need to properly and safely go through just to have access to the components inside. It’s difficult but it surely is not impossible.

In this post, I will walk you through on how to remove and Google pixel battery replacement but before that, you should know that once you’ve cracked open the phone, it wouldn’t be as watertight as before. Continue reading to learn how to replace a possibly defective battery on your Pixel 3.

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What you need

Here are the things you will need in opening your Google Pixel battery replacement…..

  • Suction cup
  • Prying tools
  • Screwdriver
  • Heat gun or hair dryer
  • OEM battery for Google Pixel 3

How to replace Pixel 3 battery

Fortunately, Google Pixel 3’s battery is easier to remove than any other IP68-certified smartphones out there as it’s held down by a stretch-release adhesive that aren’t so strong. Follow these steps to replace the battery.

  1. Remove the back cover. As I said, you’ll be spending more time with this step so I prepared a short article on how to safely remove Pixel 3’s back cover.
  2. Remove the bracket at the side of the phone that’s secured with a couple of screws to access the battery connector and the wireless charging flex cable.
  3. Remove the wireless charging module and then proceed.
  4. Once you’ve successfully removed the back cover and disconnected the flex cable of the fingerprint sensor and a couple more components, then replacing the battery would be a breeze but first, disconnect the battery from the motherboard. It’s connected via a flex cable that you can easily disconnect using a prying tool or a pair of tweezers.
  5. Gently remove the gold strip at the side of the battery and this should also make the battery loose from the compartment. Again, the adhesive that secures the battery isn’t that strong so you shouldn’t have issues removing it.
  6. Once the battery is removed, replace it with a new battery, which should fit well into the compartment.
  7. Connect the new battery’s flex cable to the motherboard.
  8. Once connected, try connecting the phone to its charger to see if it charges and if it does, then the replacement is working properly.
  9. Reconnect the wireless charging coil and then secure them with the long bracket.
  10. Reconnect the flex cable of the fingerprint sensor and then secure it with the back cover.

You can still use the old adhesive on the back cover. Just heat it up enough to loosen the adhesive and then apply enough pressure to set it properly and let it cool down. And that’s pretty much it!

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