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What to do if your Google Pixel 3 has a screen flickering issue

By Harold | 2 November 2019

The thing about the screen flickering issue is that it could be just a minor problem or a very serious one depending on how it occurs. This could happen to high-end devices like the Google Pixel 3 or any smartphone for that matter. If the flickering started after the phone was dropped on a hard

How to remove ads from phone and viruses from your Google Pixel 3 phone

By TheCellGuide | 2 November 2019

The Android malware list is growing by the day. Sooner or later you may encounter some pop-ups telling you that your phone is infected and that you need to do a full system scan if you want to remove ads from phone to get “protected” but the fact is if you do that, your phone

What to do if your new Google Pixel 3 won’t turn on or respond?

By Harold | 1 November 2019

Manufacturers make sure that their devices are properly tested and actually work before leaving the warehouse for shipment because failing to do so is financial and branding risk and no company would want to take that risk especially if what at stakes is millions of dollars. Needless to say, high-end smartphones like the Google Pixel

Google Pixel 3 mobile data not working

By Harold | 1 November 2019

Mobile data is the default method of your Google Pixel 3 to connect to the internet. Out of the box, cellular data is already enabled and all you need to do is add credits to your SIM card or account to be able to actually connect to the internet. However, there are times when this

How to fix Google Pixel 3 that randomly shuts down

By Harold | 1 November 2019

The random shutdown issue that some Google Pixel 3 owners have been experiencing could be a sign of a minor firmware issue or a serious hardware problem. You need to determine what the problem is all about to have a shot at fixing it. If, however, it’s a hardware issue then you always have Google