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What to do if your Google Pixel 3 cannot send and receive text messages

By Harold | 7 November 2019

Sending and receiving text messages are very basic functions of a mobile phone so your Google Pixel 3 should be able to perform them without any problem. However, there are times when problems occur even to the most powerful of devices. That’s the reason why we publish troubleshooting articles based on the most commonly reported

What to do if your Google Pixel 3 is stuck on the Black Screen of Death

By Harold | 5 November 2019

The black screen of death issue is one of the most commonly reported problems by Android users wherein the phone has a black screen (hence the name) and unresponsive. This could happen to your Google Pixel 3 as well since it’s been happening with the Pixel 2. In fact, we’ve already received some reports from

How to carefully remove the back cover of your Google Pixel 3

By Harold | 5 November 2019

The Google Pixel 3 is dust- and water-resistant and just like any other smartphones with IP68 certification, it is a notch-free device. This means that glue plays a big part in keeping all components together and it wouldn’t be easy dealing with it. You should also know that once the phone is opened, it may

Google Pixel 3 shows “No service, Emergency calls only”

By Harold | 4 November 2019

When your Google Pixel 3 shows up the message “No service, Emergency calls only” it’s more likely a network-related issue. Either it’s getting no coverage or there’s a problem with the tower that provides the signal. But there are also other factors that may lead to the appearance of this notice. But whatever the reason

How to replace Google Pixel battery replacement

By TheCellGuide | 3 November 2019

Since smartphone manufacturers started to have the IP68 certification on their devices, battery replacement couldn’t be more difficult to replace because water-resistant smartphones will always come with a non-removable battery. Watertighting for smartphones is almost the end of repair-ability for these devices since the components inside are secured by shields, screws and glue…a lot of

How to fix Google Pixel 3 that can’t send or receive picture messages

By Harold | 3 November 2019

Text messaging is a very basic service of a mobile phone and high-end devices like the new Google Pixel 3 should be able to do it without much of a problem. However, when it comes to sending and receiving text messages with pictures or other attachments, it’s necessary that the phone is connected to the