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How To Cancel App Store Subscriptions on iPhone

how to cancel app store subscriptions

Would you like to cancel App Store subscriptions on your iPhone before its free-trial period is over? Read further and we will show you how it’s done. Most of the smartphone apps are offered without fees and are free to download from the App Store. But once the free-premium expires, you’ll incur monthly or annual

How To Use Find My iPhone From A Computer [Help Guide]

find my iphone

Find My iPhone is an app and service owned by Apple Inc. designed to track the approximate location of your iOS device. Its main goal is to help users locate and protect the device whenever it’s lost or stolen. The app is a cloud-based service and you can access it on your browser. In this

How To Reset iPhone Settings + Some FAQs

There are times when some settings might cause issues to your phone’s normal operation, and more often than not, it’s difficult to determine what those settings are. That’s why it’s important to know how to reset iPhone settings for this purpose. This method is also effective in addressing some software-related issues as it brings your