How to Send a Meeting Invitation on Zoom for iOS

Have you migrated from Skype and explored other video calling apps like Zoom? Are you new to Zoom and would like to know how to send a meeting invitation? Learn this and more by reading the contents of this article. 

Zoom is now being used by many people and some prefer to use this web-based video conferencing tool over Skype. A lot of good benefits are catered by Zoom like larger number of participants, special features such as custom virtual backgrounds, and a good number of supported platforms. 

Zoom also provides unlimited one-on-one meetings that supervisors or managers can take advantage of with direct reports through meetings. Zoom also has an end-to-end encryption for a safer experience while using the app. 

A meeting invitation on your Zoom app simply means that you’re sending invites to your contacts to join a conference call or live chat. You can either set a scheduled invite or an instant meeting invite. That depends on your needs and preferences.

There are several ways on how to send a meeting invitation on your Zoom app. If you want to know more about the details, feel free to read the lists below and follow the given procedures. 

How to Send Meeting Invitations for Zoom on your iPhone

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Here are the several ways to send invitations for Zoom meetings on your iPhone:

  1. Open your Zoom app.

    Just tap the app icon on your home screen.

    zoom invitation open app

  2. From the app's home page, tap Meetings.

    This is located at the lower left.

    zoom meetings option

  3. Select Send Invitation.

    This is one of the options below your meeting ID number.

    zoom meeting send invitation

  4. Select the method of invite.

    You can either send an invite through SMS/message, Email or post it on social media by copying it.

    zoom meetings invitation option

  5. You can also send an invite during an ongoing conference call. Just tap on Participants.

    This is located at the lower part while in a conference call.

    zoom meeting invite participants

  6. Tap on Invite.

    This is located at the lower left of the participants page.

    zoom meetings invite

  7. Choose from the options to send an invite.

    Aside from SMS, Email and copy link, you can send Invite Contacts as an option.

    zoom send a meeting invitation

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  • iPhone

Please be reminded that if you’ll do an invite by phone will require an audio conferencing plan. This is a subscription for toll-free numbers, fee-based toll numbers, call-out numbers and dedicated dial-in numbers. Making an invite for a room system will also need a Cloud Room Connector as an add-on. 

You can also get more details on how to make most out of your Zoom app by visiting their help center at 

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