How to Enable Voice Control for iPhone Safari

The innovation of control through voice recognition has paved the way for easy access to smartphone functions. Apple has developed its very own voice control recognition system or a voice assistant called Siri and a lot of users are enjoying this feature. Learn how to enable voice control while using Safari browser on your iPhone with this article. 

Searching for information over the Internet is very useful nowadays. Students can do their research easily and can find most of the needed information for their studies by utilizing the Internet. All they need to do is open their phone’s browser and key in the keywords for the topic that they want to search. 

Normal people can also take advantage of the internet to search for stuff and things that they would like to explore. If there is a word that you don’t understand or is new to you, then just open your phone’s browser and search it on your preferred search engine like Google or Bing. 

If you would like to make things easy, you can perform a search by simply using your voice. iPhone’s Siri has supported a lot of features already and that includes searching for things over the Internet. 

Find out how you can enable voice control for your iPhone’s Safari browser and more by following the steps written below.

Before you perform the steps, make sure that the overall voice control on your iPhone has been activated. Simply go to Settings > Accessibility > Voice Control to activate it. Once confirmed, perform the process below.

How to Activate Voice Control on iPhone Safari

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Time Needed : 05 minutes

Here are the steps on how to enable voice control on your iPhone's Safari:

  1. Access Settings.

    Just tap the settings icon at the home screen.

    safari siri voice control

  2. Go to Siri & Search.

    Scroll up on your settings and look for this option.

    enable siri for safari

  3. Make sure Ask Siri options are enabled.

    Toggles on green will tell you that the option is enabled.

    safari voice control enabled

  4. Look for Safari under Siri & Search.

    Scroll up and select Safari.

    safari siri search

  5. Enable all options.

    Just tap the toggle to enable the voice control options for your Safari.

    enable safari voice control

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Those are the steps on how you can successfully enable the voice control on your iPhone’s Safari. I hope that this article has helped you with the needed information. Please share this to your friends or colleagues who also need help with the same thing. 

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