How to Show Full Website URL in iPhone Safari

In this post, you’ll learn how to show full website URL while using your iPhone’s Safari browser. Read further and find out how it is done. 

Most of us are not aware that the phone’s browser is only showing partial of the website’s address or URLs. This URL is a reference to a web source that tells its location on the computer. This is also known as Uniform Resource Locator or simply as a web address. 

URLs are very important for website creators as this is the reference point to their website and most people will be linked through this web address. As a normal user, viewing the full website’s URL can be beneficial as it allows you to determine if you’re still browsing on a safezone or you’re being routed to another website. 

While you might not be doing this most of the time, getting knowledge on how to show the full website URl on your Safari browser might come in handy. Find out how to do that by following the steps provided below. 

How to Show the Full Website Address on iPhone’s Safari Browser

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Here are the steps on how you can view and show the full URL on Safari:

  1. Open your Safari browser.

    Open the website that you want to check.

    show full website url safari

  2. Tap the address bar.

    This will reveal the full website address of the page that you're browsing.

    safari show url

  3. To copy the URL, tap and hold at the end of the address.

    Just move the cursor to highlight the whole website address and select Copy.

    safari copy URL

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  • iPhone

Showing the full website URL on your iPhone’s Safari is pretty easy and simple. It is important to remember that when opening a website, especially those unfamiliar ones, make it a habit to check the full web address for authenticity. You might be routed to somewhere else that could compromise your valuable information. 

Knowing the full web address should also help you filter the contents if it is still relatable to browse the certain webpage or you’ll need to close it. I hope that this article has provided you the necessary information that you needed. 

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