Can’t Use Screen During Calls on Nexus 6p: Troubleshooting Guide

If you can’t use screen during calls on your Nexus 6p because its going black, take a dry cloth and wipe the screen to remove dirt or debris covering the proximity sensor. For a detailed troubleshooting guide to fix this issue, scroll down.

Fix Can’t Use Screen During Calls issue on Nexus 6p

Screen stays black during phone call on Nexus 6p can be to due dirt and residue covering the proximity sensor located on the top of the phone, or random software glitches.

If you’re having issues opening your screen or accessing your phone during calls with your Nexus, then this is due to an issue with the proximity sensor. Here are the most common fixes to a problem like this:

    • The first step is to take a dry cloth and wipe your Nexus screen completely, removing any dirt or residue that could be covering the proximity sensor and causing this issue.
    • Turn off your Nexus completely, wait 10 seconds, then turn it back on.
    • If the issue persists and you have a screen protector installed on your Nexus, try removing the screen protector to see if that could be causing the problem with the sensor.
  • Go to Settings > About Phone > Systems updates and make sure to install any updates available.
  • If none of the above options worked, then you can at least use your power button to end calls without having to turn the screen on by going into Settings > Accessibility > Power button ends call.

Alternatively, you can also contact your phone manufacturer or visit their nearest store to have a technician assess your device and see if the problem is due to hardware issue.

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