“Ok Google” Voice Command Not Working on Moto G

If the “OK Google” voice command not working on Moto G, make sure that the Google assistant is turned on on your device. Also ensure that your phone is getting cellular data or WiFi connection. They are needed for the feature to work properly. 

You can also enable and disable the Airplane mode to remove network-related glitches that may have been causing the voice command feature to act up. Restarting your device is also a good way of giving your phone a quick refresh.

If you are still not able to fix the problem, follow the recommendation below and deal with the voice command not working on Moto G. 


  • Open your “Google” app and tap on the three bars on the top left.
  • Select Settings >Voice > “Ok Google” Detection.
  • Make sure “From Google Search app” and “From any screen” are both toggled ON.
  • Go back <- into Voice and make sure Language is set to English (US).

You can also attempt to reset the network settings or do a factory reset if the issue persists on your Moto G smartphone.

If you are not able to fix the voice command feature and OK Google is still not working, try to contact Motorola support for further assistance. They might be able to give you some official recommendations on how to resolve the issue.

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