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Galaxy S10 Facebook keeps crashing after Android 10 update

Fix Facebook that keeps crashing on Galaxy S10 after Android 10.

Shortly after the Android 10 update was rolled out for the Samsung Galaxy S10, S10 Plus and S10e, some owners have reported that Facebook started to crash. It is apparently an app issue but considering the fact that it is one of the pre-installed applications, there’s always a possibility that it’s also a firmware problem.

Camera closes by itself after Android 10 on Galaxy S10

How to fix Camera that keeps crashing after Android 10

The camera is one of the core apps on your Galaxy S10. It comes pre-installed on your device and it’s being updated through firmware updates. Recently, Samsung rolled out a major update to its flagship devices–the Android 10 that comes with an improved One UI 2.0. The update basically brings improvements to the device but

iPhone Apps Crashing after the iOS 13.3 Update. Here’s the fix!

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When iPhone apps crashing by themselves for no apparent reason or cause, then it’s safe to say that the problem can only be with those apps. However, if they started crashing after the most recent iOS 13.3 update, then we can assume that there’s also a problem with the firmware and not just the apps.