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How to Shutdown and Restart Galaxy S20

how to shutdown and restart samsung galaxy s20

Restarting is imperative in mobile devices. Not only that it gives a quick breather to apps and system services but a restart will likewise rectify minor issues inflicted by random system flaws. This guide demonstrates the steps on how to shutdown and restart a Galaxy S20 smartphone. Read on for more detailed instructions. How to

How To Soft Reset and Force Restart Galaxy S20

how to soft reset and force restart galaxy s20

This quick guide is primarily aimed at helping new Android phone owners restart a Galaxy S20 handset. Feel free to make this a reference whenever you need further support on how to carry out a soft reset and force restart on Galaxy S20. Performing a force restart is usually needed whenever a smartphone becomes unresponsive.

Easy steps to force shutdown iPhone X

force restart or hard reboot iPhone X

There are two different ways on how to give your iPhone X a quick restart. It can be done by either performing a soft reset or a force shutdown (force restart). When your screen display doesn’t notice your taps or touches and swipe commands aren’t registering, a phone restart can’t be executed in a form