Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Screen replacement and Home button replacement

Samsung Galaxy Note 9’s components are more modular than the previous models which means that if  one of those modules get damaged, you can buy a similar component and replace it. For instance, if the screen is shattered, scratched or cracked, you can buy a new display panel and replace the damaged one. But that’s actually easier said than done.

What makes it very hard to repair a smartphone like the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is its IP68 certification. You know, before a device gets certified to be dust- and water-resistant, it will pass through a lot of tests and one of the best ways to pass such certification is glue. Before you can successfully dissect your premium phone, you have to go through the hassle of removing glue Samsung used to secure the back panel to the phone’s chassis.

Galaxy Note 9 Screen and Home button replacement

Samsung replaced the physical home button of its flagship devices into a touch button which is integrated into the display panel. If you have a problem with the Home button, you may end up having the screen of your phone replaced and the same goes if you have a bigger problem with the display itself.

Unlike the earlier models of the Galaxy devices wherein the display panel is composed of a few components and with the digitizer being removable, in the case of the Note 9, everything that you can see in front is technically a part of the display panel; the touch buttons, power key, volume rocker and digitizer. So, if it gets damaged and you decided to get it repaired or replaced, you may have to pay almost half the price of the device itself. You may pay a little less if you have to replace it by yourself, which again requires you to have a little know-how in dissecting a smartphone and a whole lot of guts.

Opening the Galaxy Note 9

If you’re wondering what to remove before you can replace the display panel of your Note 9, well pretty much everything. Remember, this is a notchless device and what hold all the components together are glue and some screws.

  1. You start with a heat gun and hit the back panel of your phone.
  2. Slice through the glue that secures the back panel using some picks and at the same time lift the back cover slowly using suction. This may take several minutes to do depending on your know-how.
  3. Once the back cover is removed, lift it slowly about half an inch because you might break the flex cable of the fingerprint sensor.
  4. The next thing you have to deal with is the battery which is also glued so well into its compartment. Guys at iFixit used adhesive remover to loosen it up.
  5. Remove the screws that secure the top frame and after that you can remove it easily including the mid and bottom frames.
  6. Disconnect the flex cable that connects the battery to the motherboard and pull it out.
  7. Remove the camera, iris scanner and a few Phillips screws and then you can remove the motherboard and it should be much easier to do than removing the back cover and the battery but just be careful not to accidentally damage other component.
  8. You may now unscrew the USB-C connector and the headphone jack. Be careful in removing the latter as you may damage its flex cable.
  9. Once you’ve removed all these, whatever remains in the chassis can be considered a part of the display panel and that’s what you need to replace or buy.

If you’ve already tried opening a smartphone before, I believe you can also open up the Galaxy Note 9 and possibly replace its screen and/or home button together with it.

Wrapping it up

The Samsung Galaxy Note 9’s repairability score is really low based on iFixit’s rating so it’s up to you if you want to open up your phone and repair the screen. Everything depends on your know-how and guts but if you doubt yourself, you better let a technician do it for you. You should be able to find smartphone screen replacement shops near you or you may bring the device back to the store. As I said earlier, you may have to pay as much as half the price of the phone but if the screen was shattered, you really don’t have much of an option but to pay that much.