How to Fix Issues with Apps on a Moto E: Troubleshooting Guide

Issues with apps on a Moto E device is often due to random software crashes or the apps being rouge, and this can be addressed by clearing the cached files of the device and up to performing a factory reset. For a detailed troubleshooting guide in fixing this problem, scroll down and read further.

Fix Issues with Apps on a Moto E

  • Apps close after opening on Moto E.
  • Apps keep closing on Moto E. Apps crashing by themselves.
  • Moto E rebooting on its own.
  • Issues with apps on Moto E.
  • Moto E app closes by itself.


If your apps are closing by themselves after opening without warning or error, then this is due to a software issue in your Moto E. The first thing to try if your apps crash constantly is to Clear the Cache of your Moto E smartphone:

  • The first thing to try if your apps crash constantly is to Clear Cache on your Moto E smartphone:
    • Go into Settings > Storage and tap on Cached Data, then select ok to clear data.
    • Power off your Moto E, wait 10 seconds, and turn it back ON.
    • If that didn’t fix your problem, you have to determine whether the issue is with multiple apps or a single one. If the problem is with only one app such as Facebook, Instagram, Candy Crush or any other, uninstall the application from your Moto E, then reinstall it using the Google Play Store. If the issue is with multiple apps then proceed to the next step.
    • Make sure your Moto E is up-to-date in Settings > About Phone > System Updates.
  • If you’ve tried all of the above and still can’t run applications on your Moto E without encountering error messages, you should try performing a factory restore.

    For a complete guide on how to backup and restore your Moto E click here.

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