How to Fix Mobile Data Issues on your Samsung [Troubleshooting Guide]

Checking the data limit, restarting your device, enabling and disabling Airplane mode, configuring your APN and the likes can help you fix mobile data issues on your Samsung.

You can find the detailed procedures on how to fix mobile data issues on your Samsung Galaxy device as you scroll down and read further.

(For Data Issues on Samsung Galaxy s5 or newer, click here)


Here are a couple things you can try to fix this issue:

    • Power off your device completely, then power it back on.
    • Make sure you have a network connection (if you have No Service click here).
    • Check your data limit. Go to Settings > Data Usage and make sure mobile data is checked and there is no data limit blocking you.
    • Select the proper APN. Go to Settings > More networks > Mobile networks > Access point names and make sure you have your Carrier selected (For all APN settings to create one click here).
  • If you are still not getting any internet from your data connection, try enabling and disabling the airplane mode. Just press and hold the power key and select Airplane mode to activate/deactivate it. Make sure that is deactivated before you try checking if the mobile data issues have been fixed already. 

If none of the present solutions is able to fix the problem, you can clear cache partition on your phone. Performing this procedure will clear old cached files or information that’s stored on your phone’s system. They might have gone erratic and causes relevant symptoms to occur.

Just turn off your device completely. Then press and hold the Volume Up key, Home button and Power button at the same time. If you feel a vibration, release the Power Button while keeping on pressing the Volume Up and Home Key. When the Android system recovery screen appears, release the Volume Up and Home keys.

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Highlight the wipe cache partition using the Volume Down key. Once highlighted, select it using the Power button. Then highlight the Reboot System Now using the Volume keys and select it using the Power button. Once the phone has rebooted, try if the issue has been fixed.

If you are not able to fix mobile data issues on your Samsung, contact Samsung support for additional information and official recommendations on how to fix the issue.

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