How to View Message Center Number on Galaxy A53 5G

This post will walk you through accessing the One UI messaging app settings menu where you can find the unique SMS message center number assigned to your SIM card. Here’s a quick guide to view message center number on Galaxy A53 5g.

Having trouble sending SMS or text messages on your new Samsung Galaxy smartphone? If that is so, then you may need to update the SMS message center number on your device. Just keep reading to view more detailed instructions on how to get this done on the Galaxy A53 5g phone.

What is a Message Center Number?

As the name implies, the message center number is specifically designed to handle SMS operations on the phone. This information is stored in the SIM card and varies depending on the network operator. 

Dealing with SMS messaging issues in mobile devices is inevitable due to a lot of factors and therefore finding the ultimate solution is a bit of a challenge. Unless you’ve identified the root cause, you have to rule out every possible cause.

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Found to be an effective solution to SMS message issues, particularly on SMS message reception is to update the SMS message number on the phone. You can search this information through Google search or contact your network operator for further assistance.

Once you’ve secured the correct SMS message number, the next thing you’ll do is to update the message center number set on your device.

If you’re new to the One UI platform and wondering how to access and update this information on the new Samsung Galaxy A53 5g smartphone, you can refer to the step-by-step walkthrough as follows.

Steps to Access/View Message Center Number on Galaxy A53 5G

The message center number is among the information stored on the SIM card and is based on your network operator.

These steps generally apply to all Samsung Galaxy smartphones including the Galaxy A73 5g, Galaxy A53 5g and other Galaxy variants that are running in Android 12 with One UI 4.1 operating system.

Feel free to start whenever everything is set.

Step 1: First, tap on the Messages icon to launch the built-in messaging app.

The Messages app is typically lined up among other main apps from the Home screen. If it isn’t there, then you can find it through the Apps viewer instead.

Step 2: While in the Messages app’s main screen, tap the triple-dot icon to view the quick menu options.

Step 3: Tap Settings from the given options to proceed.

Step 4: On the next screen, you will see all settings and features for the messaging application. To continue, tap More settings.

Step 5: Doing so will launch another menu with more messaging options and relevant features. Find and then tap Text messages.

Step 6: On the succeeding menu, find the Message center option. The Message center number typically appears beneath it. 

To view the message center number in edit mode, simply tap Message center. Edit mode allows you to make necessary changes to the current information.

If you’ve already secured the correct message center number for your network operator, just delete the existing number then replace it with the correct SMS message center number.

After making necessary changes, tap Set or Save to update the SIM card information and then restart the Samsung device.

Check if text message sending working…

When your Samsung smartphone is finished rebooting, you can create a test SMS message to send to your other or own number. If the SMS was successfully sent and received, then that confirms that the SMS message center number is correct.

You can turn on the Show when delivered switch to get notified if your messages are successfully sent or delivered to the specified recipient. This option is listed under the Text messages menu in Messages along with the Message Center Number.

When to update SMS Message Center Number on your phone?

Changing or updating the message center number on the phone manually, is also regarded among other potential solutions to messaging issues like when the phone cannot send but only receive SMS messages.

To verify and ensure that the message number set on your SIM card is correct, contact your network operator or cellular service provider. The SMS service center number may vary between network carriers.

If updating the SMS message center number does not solve the problem and your device is still unable to send text messages, performing other basic workarounds such as clearing the Messages app cache and turning Airplane mode on and off can be regarded among other potential solutions.

Reinstalling the SIM card may also help fix the problem if the error is tied to a corrupted SIM card data.

And that’s all about viewing the SMS message center number on the Samsung Galaxy A53 5g smartphone.

Hope this helps!

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