iPad Pro Battery Not Charging with Car Charger: Causes and Solutions

It can be incredibly frustrating when you are trying to charge your iPad Pro in the car, only to find that it’s not actually charging or charging very slowly. There are a few potential causes for why your iPad Pro battery may not charge properly with a car charger. In this article, we’ll explore the main reasons this issue occurs and provide some tips for how to prevent and fix it.

Why is Your iPad Pro Not Charging with a Car Charger?

This issue usually stems from using an underpowered charger that can’t provide enough energy to charge the iPad’s large battery, a damaged charging cable that can’t transmit power properly, problems with the car’s USB port itself, software bugs preventing charging functions from working correctly, using a bulky iPad case that obstructs the charging port, or exposing the iPad to temperature extremes that disrupt the battery chemistry.

Power Insufficiency from Car USB Ports

One of the most common reasons an iPad Pro won’t charge in the car is because the car charger you are using doesn’t provide enough power. With its large battery capacity, the iPad Pro needs a high-power charger to charge at an efficient speed. Most car chargers only provide 1-2 amps, while the iPad Pro needs at least a 2.4 amp charger to charge at full speed.

Using a lower powered car charger may allow the iPad to slowly charge, but it will take much longer and may not even keep up if you are using the iPad at the same time. The solution here is to invest in a higher powered USB car charger that provides at least 2.4 amps. There are many car chargers designed specifically for tablets like the iPad Pro that can provide the extra power needed.

Issues with the Car’s USB Port

In some cases, the USB port in your car may be damaged or not providing consistent power delivery to properly charge your iPad.

Issues with the car’s USB port itself can prevent the iPad from charging correctly. You can test if the USB port is functioning properly by connecting other devices like a phone and seeing if they charge correctly.
If other devices don’t charge properly either, then that indicates an issue with the car’s USB port itself. You may need to have your car serviced to fix USB power delivery issues coming directly from the car.

Cable or Connector Issues

The problem may also simply be with the charging cable you are using. If there are any issues with the USB cable connecting your car charger to the iPad, such as damage or loose connections, then it can prevent proper charging.

Try connecting the iPad to the car charger with a different high-quality charging cable to see if that resolves the issue. Avoid using third-party or cheap charging cables, as they often don’t provide consistent power delivery. An official Apple USB cable is your best bet for reliability.

Solutions to Prevent iPad Pro Charging Issues in the Car

Here are some troubleshooting steps you can do to fix this problem.

Use High-Power USB Chargers

Use High-Power USB Chargers

To prevent charging problems, opt for a high-power USB charger that can deliver the necessary wattage for your iPad Pro. Look for chargers that provide at least 18W (2.4A @ 5V) to ensure reliable charging performance.

Choose Apple-Certified Accessories

Choose Apple-Certified Accessories

Using third-party chargers can sometimes lead to compatibility issues. To ensure optimal charging performance, it’s recommended to use Apple-certified accessories. These accessories are designed to work seamlessly with Apple devices, reducing the risk of charging problems.

Avoid In-Car USB Ports

Avoid In-Car USB Ports

If the USB ports in your car repeatedly fail to charge your iPad Pro, look into using a dedicated high-power USB car charger that plugs into your car’s 12V power outlet instead. These chargers are designed to provide adequate power for your iPad Pro and are often more reliable than in-car USB ports.

Check the Charging Cable and Connector

Check the Charging Cable and Connector

Before assuming there’s an issue with your iPad, inspect the charging cable and connector for any visible damage or wear. If the charging cable exhibits any problems transmitting power, swap it out for a new Apple-authorized cable to resolve connectivity issues.

Keep Your iPad Pro Updated

iPad Pro battery not charging with car charger
iPad Pro battery not charging with car charger

Software updates can sometimes address charging-related issues. Make sure your iPad Pro is running the latest version of iPadOS to benefit from any improvements or fixes that might have been introduced.

Key Takeaways on Charging Your iPad Pro in the Car

  • Use a high wattage USB car charger (at least 2.4 amps) to provide enough power.
  • Try different cables to rule out damage, preferably an Apple cable.
  • Evaluate if the car’s USB port has any issues charging other devices.
  • Check for software problems and reset charging by powering off/on.
  • Remove any bulky cases obstructing the charging port.
  • Keep the iPad at moderate temperatures while charging.
  • Charge more frequently to avoid fully draining.
  • Seek assistance from Apple support if issues persist.

Following these tips should help you keep your iPad Pro charging properly in the car and prevent headaches from a dead battery on the go. With the right gear and keeping battery maintenance best practices in mind, you’ll be set to use your iPad Pro on all your travels and adventures.

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