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What to do if iPhone 11 keeps dropping WiFi connection after iOS 13.3

iphone 11, keeps dropping, wifi connection, wifi issue

Some Apple iPhone 11 owners reported that shortly after installing the recent iOS 13.3 update, the WiFi connection on their devices has started dropping from time to time and thus resulting in a loss of connection and disrupting their normal usage habit. We searched online for similar issues but it seems like it’s not widespread,

How to fix an Apple iPhone XR that keeps losing Wi-Fi signal, Wi-Fi keeps dropping

Wi-Fi problems in smartphones can occur unexpectedly. The main issue tackled in this post is on the Apple iPhone XR Wi-Fi signal that keeps dropping. Potential solutions and workarounds are also provided to serve as troubleshooting references. Read on for more details. Several factors can cause wireless internet problems to arise, which also denotes that