How to Fix Samsung S21 Keeps Turning Off Issue

Are you experiencing the Samsung S21 keeps turning off issue? This post will help you troubleshoot the new Samsung smartphone that shuts down unexpectedly and won’t turn back on again. Here’s what to do if your Galaxy S21 turned off by itself and won’t turn back on again.

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Troubleshooting Samsung S21 Keeps Turning Off: Solutions and Fixes

The Samsung S21, a popular flagship smartphone renowned for its advanced features and sleek design, has been reported to frequently power off unexpectedly. This abrupt shutdown disrupts users’ activities, causing inconvenience and potential data loss. Whether you’re in the middle of a crucial call, capturing a memorable moment, or simply browsing the web, the sudden power-off can be a frustrating and disruptive experience. For some users, this issue occurs sporadically, while others face it persistently, leading to growing concerns about the device’s reliability and performance.

What causes the Galaxy S21 to shutdown unexpectedly?

Unexpected shutdowns in mobile devices are often attributed to hardware damage, particularly a defective battery. But there are also some cases where errant apps, corrupted files, software bugs and malware are to blame. It can also occur among other symptoms of performance issues on an Android phone especially when the phone’s memory is running low.

  1. Battery Issues: A deteriorating or faulty battery can be a primary culprit behind the unexpected shutdowns. Over time, batteries can lose their capacity to hold a charge, leading to sudden power loss.
  2. Software Glitches or Bugs: In some cases, software inconsistencies, bugs, or conflicts within the operating system can trigger the device to shut down unexpectedly. This can occur due to incompatible apps, incomplete software updates, or corrupt system files.
  3. Hardware Malfunctions: Physical damage or internal hardware malfunctions, such as faulty power buttons, loose connections, or damaged components, can also result in the Samsung S21 shutting down without warning.

Troubleshooting Samsung Galaxy S21 Turned Off By Itself and won’t turn back on

Such a problem is common among older devices but may also occur earlier than expected even on high-end models.

Depicted in this guide are some helpful workarounds that will help you troubleshoot a similar issue on the Galaxy S21 smartphone.

You can try any of the outlined procedures to rule out every possible culprit that triggers your Samsung smartphone to shutdown unexpectedly.

1. Charge your phone.

As mentioned earlier, an empty or totally drained battery is usually the main reason as to why a phone dies and is unable to power back on. Thus, charging the phone is the first recommended solution. 

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Allow your phone to charge for at least 30 minutes. Just keep it plugged into the charger and wait for it to accumulate sufficient battery life to power up again.

Also ensure that your phone is able to charge. If it doesn’t show any charging indicator, then it’s probably not charging. Should this be the case, you will need to deal with a charging issue and rule out every possible cause beforehand. 

You can start with the charging paraphernalia in use. Be sure to use the Samsung-supplied (OEM) charger for your Samsung Galaxy S21.

Also, check and ensure that there’s no damage on the charging cable, adapter and charging port. You can try plugging the charger into other power sources to determine whether or not the problem is with the power source.

If your phone is able to charge properly, then just give it ample time to recharge. When the charging indicator reaches at least 50 percent, try to power it back on.

2. Force restart your phone while charging.

If your phone doesn’t turn on after letting it charge for 30 minutes, then it’s probably stuck in black screen or BSOD. In this case, performing a forced restart will help.

samsung s21 keeps turning off

Performing a forced restart forcibly ends any stuck apps and services that might have prevented the device from working properly until it became totally unresponsive.

It doesn’t affect any saved data on the internal storage so you won’t lose any critical data in the process.

To force restart your Samsung Galaxy S21, just follow these steps:

  • Press and hold the Volume Down button and the Power key for about 8 to 10 seconds. This will end all stuck services and make the phone initiate automatic system reboot.
  • When you see the Samsung logo, release both keys.
  • Wait for your phone to complete the boot sequence and load up the Home/Lock screen.

If the phone managed to boot up and respond properly after a forced restart, eliminate every possible culprit. This is important to prevent the device from shutting down or becoming unresponsive again.

3. Boot the phone in Safe Mode

A simple way to determine whether or not the unexpected shutdown is triggered by a third-party app is to put your Galaxy S21 in safe mode. 

samsung s21 keeps turning off

Safe mode will put your device into a diagnostic state and return to default settings.

All downloaded apps are temporarily disabled while in safe mode, so all that’s left running are built-in or preloaded apps and services. This therefore makes it easier for you to figure out if a third-party app is really to blame.

To put your Galaxy S21 in Safe Mode, just follow these steps:

Press and hold the Power button and Volume down button simultaneously for a few seconds and then release both buttons when the Power Off prompt appears.

  • Touch and hold the Power Off icon and then release when the Safe Mode prompt appears.
  • If prompted, tap Safe mode to confirm. 
  • Your device will then boot into safe mode in about 30 seconds. A Safe mode label will then appear in the lower-left of the Home/Unlock screen.

By then you can start testing the device and app functionality with the Safe Mode enabled.

If the problem doesn’t occur while on Safe Mode, then clearly it’s an indication that any of the third-party apps installed on your phone is the culprit. In this case, you can uninstall suspected apps starting from the most recently added and then see how your phone works.

4. System Restore via Android Recovery

samsung s21 keeps turning off

A drastic solution to deal with flawed software that results in unexpected system shutdown would be a factory reset or master reset. Some critical system files might have been corrupted and therefore need to be restored. If possible, you can do a master reset via Android recovery mode.

Other Helpful Suggestions

If you’re grappling with the issue of your Samsung S21 frequently turning off, here are some effective troubleshooting steps to help resolve the problem

Eliminate possible culprits

Among the common factors that often cause a device to get stuck on black screen or shut down unexpectedly include corrupted files and errant applications. So try to think of which files or apps you’ve recently added before the problem instigated. You can delete individual applications or files you suspect.

Check your Phone Accessories

Remove any protective cases or third-party accessories that may interfere with any of the external buttons on the phone. 

Some non-Samsung accessories won’t fit perfectly and thereby result in accidental pressing on the power button.

Check the Power button on  your phone

If you previously dropped your iPhone by accident and later it started to power off unexpectedly, chances are that some physical components including the power button might have obtained some damage from the previous incident. To rule this out, check the Power button for any atypical movement. 

For an undamaged power button, you should hear a slight but distinct clicking when pressing on it. 

If something seems to be odd with the power button or any of the external components on your phone, then you may have to consider having it checked by an authorized technician.

If there was a previous incident of liquid exposure like when your phone got wet, then it’s possible that the battery or any relevant internal component has obtained some sort of liquid damage that results in the power system becoming unstable.

Should this be the case, hardware repair would be necessary.

Hope this helps!

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