Messages in Wrong Order on Google Pixel

Do you own a Google Pixel smartphone? Are you enjoying the experience so far or have you ever encountered an issue where Google Pixel displayed messages in wrong order? Let us talk about that issue as you read further on this post. 

Google Pixel is the very first own smartphone released by Google as their answer to the competitive world dominated by giant phone manufacturers like Apple and Samsung. It is a great phone when it was released with excellent camera features. 

But like any other devices, bugs and errors are showing as you use the phone over time. Several issues have been reported by Google Pixel owners and one of them is affecting SMS or Text Messaging features. 

Part of their agony is the messages being displayed in the wrong order which affects the entirety of the SMS experience. That means the messages on a conversation are not being displayed in the manner as they’re supposed to be. 

To answer this issue, I have mapped out a simple procedure that could help in eliminating the said issue on Google Pixel smartphones. Try them out. 

Solution to the Messages in Wrong Order issue on Google Pixel

If your text message conversations don’t follow the proper order of sent and received in your Google Pixel smartphone. this is usually due to an issue with the Date & Time in the device. Here is the simple trick to fixing this issue:

  • Go to Settings > Date & time.
  • Make sure “Automatic date & time” and “Automatic time zone” are both checked.
  • Restart your Google Pixel smartphone and make sure the issue’s been resolved by sending and receiving a few messages!

If changing the date and time did not fix the problem, try contacting your network service provider for any ongoing server maintenance. System updates on their end can also affect the messaging service on your device and could result to relevant symptoms.

Your last resort is to perform a hard reset on your smartphone. Remember that this will erase all contents including saved files and settings on your phone. If you want to take risks, feel free to follow the steps found on this post to hard reset your Google Pixel.

I hope that this article has helped you fix the messages in wrong order issue on your Google Pixel smartphone. For tutorials and troubleshooting videos, feel free to visit our Youtube channel anytime. Just don’t forget to like the videos and subscribe to our channel. Thank you.

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