How to Turn on Flashlight on Google Pixel 7

This post highlights different ways to activate the inbuilt flashlight function on the latest Google Pixel smartphone. Here’s a quick guide to turn on the flashlight on Google Pixel 7.

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Modern smartphones are capable of performing a number of tasks that are useful for everyday purposes. One of the most useful and practical tools that these modern phones have is the flashlight. Highlighted below are various methods to turn the flashlight on and off on the latest Google Pixel smartphone. If you’re new to this device and need some input on how to utilize its embedded flashlight, feel free to refer to this guide.

  1. Turning on the Pixel 7 flashlight with one tap gesture. The Android 13 Quick Tap works similar to that of the iOS Back Tap feature. When enabled, Quick Tap allows you to trigger shortcut commands for apps and services by quickly tapping the back of your phone twice. 

    turn on google pixel7 flashlight1To make your Pixel 7 turn on the flashlight using quick tap, you will need to configure the quick tap settings beforehand.To do this, simply head over to Settings-> System-> Gestures menu then choose the Quick Tap to start actions from the given options. On the succeeding window, turn on the switch next to Use Quick Tap and then select Toggle flashlight from the given actions. With this selection, the flashlight will turn on when you (double-tap) or tap the back of your phone twice.To prevent accidental triggering of the flashlight, you can turn on the Quick Tap strength feature called Require stronger taps located at the bottom section of the “Quick Tap to start actions” screen. Enabling this feature is recommended if you find the double-tap gesture too sensitive. To turn the flashlight off using a quick tap, just tap the back of your phone twice again.The flashlight launches when you double-tap the back of your phone even when the screen is locked.The double back tap feature is available for Pixel 4a (5G) and newer variants.

  2. Turning on the Pixel 7 flashlight via quick settings shortcut. A common method to turn on the flashlight in modern smartphones is through the quick settings panel. Most of these smartphones have the flashlight shortcut accessible among other shortcuts controls in the quick settings panel. This allows you to easily launch the flashlight when needed.

    turn on google pixel7 flashlight2To turn on the flashlight from the quick settings panel, swipe down from the top notification shade to reveal the quick settings. Find the Flashlight icon in the panel and then tap on it to trigger or turn on the flashlight. To turn the flashlight off, just tap on the flashlight icon from the quick settings panel again.

  3. Turning on the Pixel 7 flashlight with Google Assistant. A more efficient way of triggering the flashlight on your Pixel 7 is using Google Assistant. You can either shake the phone or say “Ok Google, turn on the flashlight.” When Google’s voice Assistant hears this command, it immediately turns the flashlight on.

    turn on google pixel7 flashlight4You can also turn on the Pixel 7 flashlight by saying the magic spell in Google Assistant. To do this, simply utter the phrase “OK Google, lumos.” In response, Google Assistant will immediately turn on the flashlight on your phone. The “lumos” command is also paired with the “nox” command to turn the flashlight off again.

  4. Turning Flashlight ON/OFF using Google Pixel At a Glance. Turning the flashlight on using Google Pixel 7 At a Glance feature. One of the most iconic features in new Pixel phones is the Pixel At a Glance widget located on the top of the home screen. In this widget, you will see important information including the day, date, temperature and weather conditions.

    turn on google pixel7 flashlight5To activate and use this feature, simply unlock the Home screen then long-press on the widget and tap Customize. In the Home settings screen, tap on the gear icon next to At a Glance.In the At a Glance menu, scroll down to the bottom section then tap to turn on the Flashlight switch. With the Flashlight switch enabled, your phone will prompt an alert on the Home or Lock screen when the flashlight is on. Tapping on this alert will turn the flashlight off or on.

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And that’s how to turn the Google Pixel 7 flashlight on and off.

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