How to Fix GPS Issues on the Galaxy Note 8

To eliminate GPS issues on the Galaxy Note 8, simply modify your location settings and set it to High Accuracy. For alternative troubleshooting methods in case your GPS still fails to work as intended, read the complete guide we mapped out below.

Troubleshooting GPS Issues on the Galaxy Note 8

  • GPS not tracking location accurately
  • GPS losing track of location intermittently
  • GPS not finding location at all.


GPS is an essential feature for your smartphone. Nowadays, the primary function of a smartphone after calls and texts is to be your pocket GPS. This means it’s important to have it working at all times! This is why we made this guide to help you fix issues that may arise with your GPS navigation on your Galaxy Note 8.

There could be a few reasons why your GPS is acting funny and we can’t remotely fix a malfunctioning GPS antenna if that’s the cause of your problems. However there are  a few things we CAN do!

On your Samsung Galaxy Note 8 there’s a setting you have to make sure is configured properly if you’re experiencing location tracking issues. Here is what you need to verify:

  • Go to Settings > Connections > Location.
  • Tap on Locating method.
    galaxys8 locatingmethod
  • Select High accuracy.

Now that you’ve made sure your GPS settings for your Galaxy Note 8 is set to “High accuracy”, what else can you do? If you’re still experiencing issues with location tracking after configuring your settings as shown above (or if you already had them configured this way prior to reading) then you can also try this:

Clear your Maps Data and Cache. Doing so will refresh the GPS’ functions. To do so, head to Settings > Applications Manager > Maps. Then tap the Clear Cache and Clear Data buttons.

There is also an application on the Google Play Store that we’ve tested that seemed to help out when our Samsung Galaxy Note 8 had a hard time finding GPS antennas.

  • Download an application from the Google play store named “GPS Status and toolbox“. This application seemed to help tracking GPS antennas for a better location accuracy.
  • If you’re still having issues after setting the accuracy to High and downloading the GPS Status app, it might be a hardware issue with your GPS antenna. In this case, consider sending your Galaxy Note 8 for repair through your carrier or speaking to Samsung support directly.

We hope this guide was helpful to you.

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