How to Fix WiFi Issues on a Microsoft Lumia

If you’re having WiFi issues on a Microsoft Lumia, try deleting your saved networks. Go to Settings > Network & Wireless > Wi-Fi. You can also press and hold the Wi-Fi quick action icon from the Notification center. Look for your saved networks, remove them by pressing and holding on the network and select Delete. 

WiFi issues can be observed any time as you use your device. It could be caused by interference from the router/modem, system glitch on your phone or a server maintenance on your network provider’s end. 

Before trying out the solutions provided below to fix WiFi issues on a Microsoft Lumia, make sure to contact your Internet service provider and check for the stability of service on their end. If there is an ongoing maintenance, just wait for that to finish as service will usually resume once it’s done. 


If you’re having trouble with your WiFi connection on your Microsoft Lumia, it could either be your smartphone or the internet connection. If all other devices connected to your WiFi are working properly except your Microsoft Lumia, then here are some steps you can try to fix the issue:

    • If your WiFi connection is saved, select the WiFi connection and tap on Delete.
    • Turn OFF your WiFi through your WiFi settings.
    • Turn OFF your Microsoft Lumia , wait 10 seconds and turn it back ON.
    • Go back into Settings > WiFi and connect to your WiFi network.
    • If you’re still unable to connect, try this:
      • Unplug your internet modem from its power adapter located usually behind it.
      • Wait 30 seconds.
      • Plug your internet modem back to its power adapter.
      • Wait 5 minutes for the modem to boot completely.
      • Try reconnecting with your Microsoft Lumia.
    • If your Microsoft Lumia still has issues and is the only device experiencing this issue, make sure it is up to date in Settings > Phone update > Check for  updates .
  • If your Microsoft Lumia is up-to-date, it might be a hardware issue. Test it using other WiFi connections to determine if the problem is with a specific internet connection, or with the Microsoft Lumia itself.

I hope that the WiFi issues on a Microsoft Lumia have been fixed. Thank you so much for reading this post.

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