Samsung Galaxy S23 Secret Codes that you might need to use

How to Unlock Samsung Galaxy S23 Secret Codes

If computers have shortcut commands that are designed to carry out specific tasks, smartphones also have a set of special codes that are programmed to perform specific commands. These codes are usually hidden in an isolated directory in various smartphones including the new Samsung Galaxy S23 series. In order to make use of these codes, users need to unlock them beforehand. 

In this article, we will reveal the secret codes that you can use to unlock some of the most useful secret codes on the Samsung Galaxy S23. Read further to learn more.

What are secret codes and how to use them?

Secret codes are a set of numbers and symbols that can be entered into your device to access hidden features and settings. These codes can unlock a variety of options, including diagnostics, testing, and configuration settings.

Samsung Galaxy S23 Secret Codes:

Available secret codes vary between devices. In Samsung Galaxy S23, the most useful secret codes that you might need to use in the future are as follows:


This code will display your device’s unique IMEI number, which can be used to identify your device in case of theft or loss.


This code will bring up the device’s diagnostic menu, which allows you to test various features, including the camera, screen, and sensors.


This code displays your device’s firmware version, which can be helpful when troubleshooting issues.


This code opens up the device’s testing menu, which allows you to test various hardware components, including the touch screen and speakers.


This code displays the battery status and health of your device.


This code opens up the device’s USB settings, which can be useful for debugging and development purposes.


This code opens up the device’s service menu, which contains various advanced settings and features.


When entered, this will delete all application data and uninstall all apps, restoring your device to its original factory settings.

If you want to erase your personal data and remove apps, but don’t need to reinstall the firmware, this is a good option. It’s especially useful for protecting your privacy when selling your phone.


This code can be useful for verifying that the IMEI printed on the device matches the one on the box.

If you’re unsure about the device’s authenticity, entering this code in the dialer will display the IMEI on the screen. 


This is the General test mode code activation. When entered,  it will display a variety of different features, such as touch testing, front camera, LED, sub key, barcode emulator test, device version, RGB testing, and grip sensor testing.


This is the secret code to show the MAC address of your device.  The MAC address is a unique identifier assigned to every device and is used to identify it when connected to a network.

Verifying the MAC address can be important to ensure that there is no MAC spoofing on the device.


This is secret code to view the phone’s system and storage information. Entering this code also allows you to access important data, including statistics related to data usage.


This code is used to disable the phone’s Caller ID feature. You can activate this code whenever you want to keep your privacy and prevent others from knowing that it’s you who’s calling them.

Re-entering the same code will likewise re-enable the Caller ID feature.


You can use this code to know whether your calls are being sent or forwarded to another number. This code indicates whether call forwarding is currently active on your device and displays the number to which your calls are being forwarded.

In most cases, you will see your carrier’s official voicemail service as the number to which your calls are being forwarded.


This is an alternative way to enable the Call waiting function of your phone. With call waiting, you can receive a second incoming call while you’re already on the phone. You can put the first call on hold and attend to the second call, and in some cases, you might also be able to switch between the two calls. This feature can be especially helpful in situations where you need to prioritize certain calls or avoid potential scammers.

Re-entering this code in the dialer will also turn off the Call waiting service on your device.


When entered, this code will quickly wipe all data from your phone’s system like a factory reset does and reinstalls the firmware. Only use this code when absolutely necessary.

How to use secret codes on Galaxy S23?

Special Android commands like shortcut codes are typically entered and executed by the system through the built-in Phone app/dialer app. 

  • Thus in order to use a secret code on your Samsung Galaxy S23, simply open the Samsung Phone app and then enter the code that you’d like to use. To complete the code execution, tap the Call button after entering the desired code.


<secret code><call>


*#9090# then press the Call/dial button

If entered correctly, the code will return a response automatically after pressing the dial/call button.

Be careful when entering these codes, as some options can be irreversible and may cause permanent damage to your device. It is therefore important to only use the codes that you are confident in and understand what they do.

These secret codes are just a small sample of what is available for the Samsung Galaxy S23. With these codes, you can unlock hidden features and settings, and take your device to the next level.

Aside from secret codes, you can also make use of the advanced features of your Samsung Galaxy S23 that are hidden in the Developer options menu. All you have to do is unlock the phone’s developer mode.

And that’s all there is to the Samsung Galaxy S23 Secret Codes.

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