Ultimate Guide to Screen Record on Samsung Galaxy S23

Recording your screen can be incredibly helpful for creating tutorials or showing someone how to perform specific tasks on your smartphone. Once you’ve recorded the video, you can easily send it to others or upload it to a platform such as YouTube and social media networks.

Screen recording in smartphones is typically carried out through the inbuilt camera application. In this post, we will teach you how to screen record on Samsung Galaxy S23 series. Read on for more detailed instructions.

What is Screen Record and how does it work?

Screen record is a smartphone feature that lets you record your device’s action. Modern iOS and Android smartphones are capable of screen recording using the built-in camera application. That said, you can record everything on your screen and even use the front camera to record yourself.  Such is a handy tool for creating tutorials or sharing gameplay footage on your smartphone. 

To use screen recording on a smartphone, you typically need to access the screen recording feature through the device’s settings or quick access menu. Once you have started recording, the smartphone will capture everything that appears on the screen, including any sounds or music that is played.

Some smartphones also allow you to use the front-facing camera to record yourself while you’re recording the screen. This is helpful if you’re creating a tutorial or want to include a reaction or commentary to what’s happening on the screen.

After you’ve finished recording, the video file will be saved to your phone’s internal storage or an external storage device if one is connected. You can then share the video file with others or upload it to your preferred video-sharing platform.

Steps to Screen Record on Samsung Galaxy S23

The process of screen recording on Samsung Galaxy S23 devices is pretty straightforward. All it takes is a few taps on the screen. For starters, you can start recording phone’s screen by following these steps:

Step 1: To get started, swipe down from the top of the screen to access the Quick Settings/notification panel.

Step 2: While in the panel, navigate to find the Screen Record icon. It looks like a rectangle with a circle in the center. 


  • If you don’t see it on the main screen, swipe left to reveal more icons, or tap the three-dot icon to customize the Quick Settings panel and then add the Screen Recorder icon.

Step 3: To continue, tap on the “Screen Recorder” icon. Doing so will open the recording options.

Step 4: Choose your preferred recording settings, such as sound, video quality, and whether to show touches and other gestures.

Step 5: After applying your settings, tap the “Start” button to begin recording. You’ll see a countdown of 3 seconds before the recording starts.

  • While recording, a floating toolbar will appear on the screen. You can use this bar to stop the recording, show/hide touches, or pause the recording.

Step 6: Should you wish to stop the recording, simply tap the “Stop” button on the floating toolbar or the notification shade.

The recorded video will be saved to your phone’s gallery or the default recording folder (if specified). By then, you can edit or share the video as you wish. 

Edit Screen Recording on Galaxy S23

Editing a screen recording on a Samsung phone is similar to editing any other video. And here’s how it’s done on the Galaxy S23:

1. Open the Gallery app on your Samsung phone and find the screen recording you want to edit.

2. Tap on the video to open it and then tap on the edit button, which looks like a pencil or a slider.

3. Use the editing tools to trim, cut, or merge different parts of the video. You can also add text, music, filters, and other effects to the video using the available tools.

4. Preview the edited video and make any additional changes as needed.

5. Once you’re satisfied with the edited video, save it by tapping on the “Save” button or the “Done” button.

Samsung phones come with a built-in video editing tool called “Video Editor” which allows you to edit videos and screen recordings easily. However, if you want more advanced editing options, you can also use third-party video editing apps like Adobe Premiere Rush, FilmoraGo, or Kinemaster.

Once you’re satisfied with your edits, you can share it directly from the Gallery app or upload it to any of the supported online platforms.

Customize/Adjust Screen Recording Settings on Galaxy S23

You can also customize the default settings to improve the quality of your screen recordings or simply make your Galaxy S23 screen recordings more personalized. Just follow these steps:

1. First, open the Quick panel by swiping down from the top of the screen with two fingers.

2. Next, touch and hold the Screen recorder icon to open its settings page. If the icon is not visible, you can add it to the Quick panel.

3. While in the settings page, you can see a list of available options for the screen recorder.  Swipe up to see more settings. 

There, you can adjust any of the following settings/options:

  • Sound –  choose whether to record sound from None, Media, or Media and mic.
  • Video quality –  select the desired resolution for your video (High, Medium, or Low).
  • Selfie video sizeadjust the size of the pop-up window when recording yourself using the front camera (if available).
  • Show taps and touchesenable this option to see small dots appear whenever you touch or tap the screen while recording.
  • Save screen recordings inselect where your screen recordings will be saved (this option may not be available on all devices).

Note that the availability of settings may vary depending on your phone model and software version.

Share Screen Recording on Galaxy S23

There are various ways for you to share a screen recording video on your Samsung Galaxy S23. Here’s how:

1. Open the Gallery app on your Samsung phone and find the screen recording you want to share.

2. Tap on the video to open it and then tap on the share icon, which looks like a curved arrow pointing upwards.

3. Choose the app or platform you want to share the screen recording with. You can select options like email, messaging apps, social media platforms, or cloud storage services.

4. Follow the prompts to complete the sharing process. The actual instructions may vary depending on the sharing method you choose. 

  • For example, if you choose to share via email, you’ll need to enter the recipient’s email address and any additional information required by the email app.

Alternative Sharing Method

Alternatively, you can share the screen recording directly from the screen recording notification. This notification appears when you’re finished screen recording. So after recording the screen, simply swipe down from the top of the screen to access the notification shade, and then tap on the screen recording notification. From there, you can share the screen recording using the same steps mentioned above.

Note that the sharing options may vary depending on the apps and services installed on your Samsung smartphone. If you don’t see the option you want, you can just save the screen recording to your phone or transfer it to a computer and then share it from there.

Other Ways to Screen Record on your Galaxy S23

In addition to using the built-in screen recording feature on your Samsung Galaxy S23 smartphone, screen recording can also be carried out using other means including a third-party app, via Samsung SmartThings, or using a computer screen recording software.

You may consider these alternatives if ever you’re having trouble recording your phone’s screen using the inbuilt screen record function.

And that’s all there is to the Samsung Galaxy S23 Screen Recording feature.

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