Receiving new SMS Notification but No Messages in Inbox

If your Samsung Galaxy device is receiving new SMS notification but no messages in your inbox, delete all your messages. If you still received SMS notification even if there’s no new message received, troubleshoot your phone further using the tweaks listed below.

Fix Samsung Galaxy that is Receiving new SMS Notification but No Messages in Inbox

Getting a New Message notification, but when going into ”messages”, there is nothing in the inbox or the message doesn’t appear on Samsung Galaxy smartphone. New message notification but no new messages in messaging app. Getting messaging notifications with no messages in inbox.


This issue can happen on your device when your inbox is full. Follow the steps below to solve:

  • Delete all messages from that person in your inbox.
  • Go into Messages > Settings > Text Message Limit and increase the limit to ~400 or more.
  • Have the person send you a message again.
  • If their message still does not appear in your inbox, click here to try a different solution.
  • Make sure that your date/time settings are correct. Incorrect date and time can also led the messaging app to misbehave. Head to Settings > General > Date and Time. You can set the date and time to Automatic. Or you can also change date and time by tapping the Set Date.

If the problem still persists, you can try restoring your phone to factory default settings. Note that this reset will wipe everything out from your phone’s memory, so make sure to back up your files beforehand.

If you fail to fix the problem in your end using the possible solutions provided above, contact your phone manufacturer for additional assistance and recommendations.

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