Can’t Receive Incoming Calls on Samsung Smartphone

When your Samsung device has just been working properly and then all of the sudden you can no longer receive incoming calls, the problem can be just pretty minor. You might just have to check on a few things to make sure the settings are all correct, or you may need to do some light troubleshooting to fix can’t receive incoming calls on Samsung smartphone.

If you are one of those affected users where they can’t receiving incoming calls or their Samsung smartphone is not receiving calls, read further and follow the given steps to fix the issue.

For Samsung Galaxy S5 and newer, including Galaxy S6 click here.


If you’re not receiving calls from all numbers, then first make sure you have service on your phone and you can place outgoing calls. If you have no service on your smartphone, click here for a guide on how to fix connectivity problems.

If you’re not receiving calls but can place outgoing calls, first make sure none of the numbers are in your block list:

  • Open your Phone app as if to place a call, tap the menu  button and select Call Settings.
  • Select Call Rejection.
  • Then select Auto reject list and make sure none of the numbers that you can’t receive calls from are in that list. If they are, you can delete them from the block list by tapping on the trash can icon.

If the number you can’t receive calls from isn’t in your block list and you are connected to the network and can place outgoing calls, then make sure the person calling you is dialing the proper number. If yes, contact your network provider as it can possibly be a call routing issue, or you can also reach out to Samsung support for further assistance.

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