Blue Box Jumping Around on iPhone Screen

This post will tackle a fix to get rid of the blue box jumping around on iPhone screen. If you are one of the iPhone users who is experiencing such a headache on their device, read further and find out how to deal with it. 

Some iPhone users have encountered having a blue box jumping around their screens. It does seem to have its own mind because it just won’t go away and jumps from one point to another in varied sizes. It might strange for some users, especially the ones who have encountered it for the first time, or don’t understand what it really is. But don’t worry, you can definitely get rid of it.


If you have a blue box moving around your iPhone screen, that is because you accidentally turned on the “VoiceOver” feature on iOS.

There are 2 ways to turn off the VoiceOver feature on iOS:

    • Tap on your Home Button three times quickly (Triple-click) until the blue box disappears.
    • You can also access it under accessibility options. Go into Settings > General > Accessibility.
    • Tap on VoiceOver and then tap on it again to turn it OFF.
  • If that did not resolve the problem and you still got a blue box jumping around iPhone screen, you will need to reset all settings on your iPhone. 
    • Access Settings from the Home screen. 
    • Tap General.
    • Scroll down to and then select Reset
    • Tap the Reset All Settings option.
    • Enter your device passcode once prompted.
    • Then tap to confirm all settings reset.
  • Your last resort is a factory reset. This will delete all contents on your phone, so make sure to create backups through iTunes or iCloud. Once ready, just go to Settings > General > Reset > Erase All Contents and Settings

To learn more about configuring Accessibility features you can this Apple Help article:

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