Blue Box Jumping Around on Screen of iPhone 6

Some owners of the iPhone 6 have reported of a blue box that keeps jumping around their screens. This isn’t some signs of a problem, instead, it’s just one of the accessibility features that you can enable or disable anytime. Learn how to get rid of blue box jumping around on screen of iPhone 6 as you read further. 


If you have a blue box moving around your iPhone screen, that is because you accidentally turned on the “VoiceOver” feature on iOS.

There are 2 ways to turn off the VoiceOver feature on iOS:

    • Tap on your Home Button three times quickly (Triple-click) until the blue box disappears.
    • Access it under accessibility options. Go into Settings > General > Accessibility.
    • Tap on VoiceOver and then tap on it again to turn it OFF.
  • If the you still have a blue box jumping around on screen of iPhone 6, perform a reset on all settings to remove glitches that may have been causing the problem. To do that:
    • Access Settings from the Home screen. 
    • Tap General.
    • Scroll down to and then select Reset
    • Tap the Reset All Settings option.
    • Enter your device passcode once prompted.
    • Then tap to confirm all settings reset.
  • If the issue persists, wipe out your device completely. Create a backup first via iTunes or iCloud. If backups have been created, go to Settings > General > Reset > Erase all contents and settings

To learn more about configuring Accessibility features you can follow this Apple Help article:

For further assistance, reach out to Apple support. Thank you so much for reading this post.

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