How to VIDEO CHAT on Instagram (New Video Call Features)

When Instagram was launched, it started as a simple photo-sharing app. It allows you to share photos with pre-built filters that you can choose before uploading it. But it has evolved to more than just a photo-app over the years as new added features were introduced, just like a new video call feature called Video Chat on Instagram. 

To entice more users in using their app and to lessen the current user churns, app developers are always providing new features for their app. This is evidently the norm not only with Instagram, but also to other social media sites. Creating new features could provide a more fun environment for the app users. 

As the competition gets tough each time a new feature is released, Instagram is always innovating helpful features to be added on their app. Recently, Instagram has provided an option for their users to do a video chat. This feature allows one user to do a video call for up to 6 persons using Direct Messaging. 

If you want to know how to perform a video chat on Instagram, feel free to read this post and follow the steps provided below.

Perform a Video Call on Instagram

Time Needed : 02 minutes

Here are the steps on how to do a video call with your Instagram:

  1. Open your Instagram app and look for the person that you would want to do a video chat.

    You can either go to your Followers or Following on your profile page to look for it.

    video chat on instagram

  2. Once you’ve found that person, tap on Message.

    If you have no conversation with that person yet, send a message to display the video chat option.

    instagram video chat message

  3. Look for the Video icon and tap on it.

    You can find it at the top part of the screen.

    instagram video chat icon

  4. You’ll see a Contacting message.

    Once the other person answers your call, you can now start the video chat.

    instagram video chat contacting

  • Instagram app
  • iPhone

Aside from searching a direct person on your profile, you can also press the arrow key at the top right of your Instagram feed to do a video chat. Just search the name of the person at the search box and tap on the video call button at the top part. 

If you want to add another person with the ongoing video chat, just tap the Add option. You can select Add next to the username’s list below or Search if you would want to do a username search. A new Direct group thread will be created automatically once you’ve added a new person.

Those people that you’ve accepted a direct message will be able to do a video chat with you. For your privacy and if you don’t want to do a video chat , you can mute the conversation or block them if you don’t want any disturbances. 

I hope that this article provided you the essential information that helped you in performing an Instagram video chat. If you would like to share this post with your friends, feel free to do so. We also have our Youtube channel if you would like to explore videos about troubleshooting and tutorials. 

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