How to Turn Bluetooth On/Off on Google Pixel 7

This post will walk you through activating the Google Pixel 7’s Bluetooth feature and make it ready to pair with other compatible Bluetooth-enabled devices nearby. Here’s a quick guide to turn Bluetooth on or off on the Google Pixel 7 smartphone.

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Time Needed : 3 minutes

The latest Google Pixel smartphones come with the latest Bluetooth technology that allows you to connect to your car, Windows computer, Mac computer and other types of Bluetooth accessories. 

In order to make full use of this wireless pairing feature, you will need to configure the device to make it discoverable by other Bluetooth devices nearby. If you’re new to this phone and wondering how to access and activate its Bluetooth functions, you can refer to these subsequent instructions.

  1. To get started, open the Settings app menu by tapping on the Gear (settings) icon from the Apps tray of your phone.

    To access the Apps tray, simply swipe your finger up from the bottom of the Home screen.

  2. While in the settings menu, tap Connected devices.

    Inbuilt connectivity features will load up on the next window.

  3. Find then tap Connection preferences from the given items to proceed.

    Different types of wireless features will show up next.

  4. To continue, tap Bluetooth from the given options.

    The Bluetooth menu will load up next. Here, you will see the main Bluetooth switch.

  5. To enable the feature, tap to turn the Use Bluetooth switch ON.

    Doing so will make your Pixel 7 visible by other Bluetooth devices in range.

  • Settings
  • Google Pixel 7

You may opt to rename your Google Pixel phone by tapping on Device name, enter the desired name that you’d like to use then tap Rename to apply changes. Otherwise, leave the Device name as is.

All Set for Bluetooth-Pairing!

After turning Bluetooth ON, you can start pairing your Pixel phone with a new device. 

  • To do this, tap Pair new device then wait for the phone to scan for nearby Bluetooth-enabled devices.
  • Navigate to the Available devices section then tap to select the device that you’d like to pair with your Google Pixel phone.

Follow the rest of the onscreen prompts to complete the pairing process. By then, you should be all set to use the Bluetooth device with your Pixel phone.

By then your Google Pixel 7 should already become discoverable and ready to connect to other compatible Bluetooth-enabled devices within range. 

To disconnect your devices, just turn the Bluetooth switch OFF on your Google Pixel phone or Forget the Bluetooth device from your phone’s Bluetooth directory. Just repeat the above steps to get back to the Bluetooth settings menu where you can find the Bluetooth switch.

Bluetooth pairing not successful?

A lot of factors can hinder smartphones from pairing with other Bluetooth devices. Among the widely known hindrances include system incompatibility, proximity, random firmware glitches, as well as environmental factors.

Should you encounter any sort of error while attempting to pair your Google Pixel 7 with other Bluetooth devices, be sure to look into the basics. Make sure that both devices are turned on and have Bluetooth function enabled so that they’re discoverable. Also verify if the devices are compatible. 

Performing basic tweaks to eliminate common software glitches that might have hindered your devices from pairing can also help. Among the proven workaround is the Airplane mode trick, that’s carried out by turning the Airplane mode on and off. 

Forgetting and re-adding Bluetooth devices is also an effective solution should the error be attributed to an existing Bluetooth connection that’s corrupted.

Restoring the default network configurations on the phone through a network settings reset can also be considered among other potential solutions.

Also ensure that your devices’ software are up-to-date. And don’t forget to restart your devices too.

And that’s how you turn Bluetooth on or off on the Google Pixel 7 smartphone.

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