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My Galaxy S10 Can’t Send Text Messages After Android 10. Here’s the Fix!

When a high-end smartphone like the Galaxy S10 can’t send text messages and the problem started after a firmware update, then the issue can really be not that serious. That seems to be the case with some owners who have recently updated their phones to Android 10. Such a problem needs your immediate attention but

My Galaxy S10 Won’t Turn On After Android 10. Here’s the Fix!

galaxy s10 won't turn on forced restart

The Android 10 update was supposed to fix the issues reported by many users. However, some owners complained because their Galaxy S10 won’t turn on anymore after the recent update.  When this problem occurs, you have to immediately check your phone for signs of physical or liquid damage. If there’s none, then it’s probably just

My Galaxy S10 is connected to a WiFi network but has no Internet

When a high end device like the Samsung Galaxy S10 has no Internet connection even if it’s connected to a WiFi network, the problem could be with the network device and not your phone. But there are actually instances wherein this problem occurs out of the blue without any apparent reason. And if that’s the