How to switch to a TikTok Pro Account on iPhone

Are you tired of using the typical TikTok account? Do you want to try something new and would like to bump up your TikTok experience? Why don’t you switch to a TikTok pro account on your iPhone and level up the entertainment value that you can get? 

Having a pro account on TikTok allows you to view the analytics insights for the last 7 and 28 days. Those users who are using TikTok Pro will have the option to see the count of video views, follower growth and their trending videos. They can also see the gender and top countries of their followers. 

This feature is very useful to those TikTok users who are catering to a large number of audience. It should allow them to have the visibility of what things are trending and what needs to be improved. If you have any plans on growing the numbers of your followers or earning money while using TikTok, using a pro account might help you out.

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Similar to an Instagram business or professional page and Facebook business page, TikTok Pro will have a subscription price depending on the tier for added functionality and more analytics. But as of the moment, TikTok Pro account is being offered for free. 

If you are eager to know the steps on how to switch your current account to a TikTok Pro account, just follow the steps that I’ve mapped out below. 

Switch your Normal TikTok Account to a Pro Account

Time Needed : 05 minutes

Here are the steps on how to create a Pro account on TikTok with your iPhone: 

  1. Open TikTok app and access your profile.

    Just tap the Me option at the lower right on the home screen.

    switch to a tiktok pro account

  2. Access Settings.

    Tap the three dots at the upper right of your profile page.

    tiktok pro account profile

  3. Tap on Manage my account.

    This is the first option below Account.

    tiktok manage my account option

  4. Select Switch to Pro Account.

    You can find this below the save login info option.

    tiktok switch to pro account

  5. Tap on Continue.

    This page will show you the basics of what a Pro account is.

    tiktok continue to pro account

  6. Choose a Category and tap on Next.

    Select the field that suits your expertise or interests.

    tiktok choose category

  7. Choose your gender and tap on Next.

    Specify the gender that you want to be addressed.

    tiktok choose gender

  8. Enter your phone number or email address and tap on Send code.

    Enter a phone number or email address for the verification code.

    tiktok verification process

  9. Enter the code.

    After receiving the code, enter it on the space provided. You can also tap Resend code if it did not arrive.

    tiktok 4 digit code

  10. TikTok Confirmation for Pro account.

    You should see a welcome message that confirms it is a successful process. You will also see Analytics option on your Settings this time.

    tiktok pro account success

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  • iPhone

Those are the things that you will need to follow to switch your TikTok account. You can now track your video views, followers and profile views under analytics. If you want to switch back to your personal account, just go to Settings > Account > Manage My Account > Switch back to Personal Account

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